Storing jewelry by yourself: 50 ideas-photos

Storing jewelry by yourself: 50 ideas-photos

For your jewelry you can always buya special box or stand, but what if you have a lot of different costume jewelry - earrings, bracelets and necklaces? Organizers for jewelry with their own hands will be the answer to the eternal question of how to store all the trinkets so that later it would be easy to find the right one. We offer 50 ideas that will convince you that the functional storage of jewelry can be easily organized with your own hands!

Storage of jewelry on a cork board

A cork board for notes with buttons is a ready-made wall organizer for jewelry. If there is no suitable board - make it yourself with wine congestion. storage of jewelry on a cork board storage of adornments on the bulletin board ideas for storing jewelry with your own hands - a board of cork storage of jewelry on a cork board

Storing earrings with a grid, canvas, lace

Any mesh material is great forstorage of earrings. Firstly, such an organizer for jewelry is very convenient - all the earrings hang in pairs and you will easily find the ones you need. Secondly, the organizer for earrings acts as the original independent decor of the wall. As the main material, embroidery canvas, mosquito net, wire mesh, perforated metal sheet and the like can be used. Place the grid in a baguette or frame and hang it on the wall. Even an old tennis or badminton racket is useful for this purpose! storage of jewelry by hand from the grid wall organizer for earrings from the frame and lace personal organizer for jewelry storage of jewelry on a grid in the frame organizer for storing earrings on a grid storage of jewelry on the grid ideas for storing jewelry organizer for earrings from a racket

Keeping ornaments on hooks

Necklaces, beads and bracelets are convenient to hang on differenthooks and pins. Variants how to decorate the storage of jewelry of this type - a lot. You can screw the hooks into a shelf or drawer, use door handles, pins, nails, adjust the eaves for the organizer or the towel rack. ideas for storing jewelry on pins storage of jewelery on the cornice a necklace hanger and beads from door handles wall mounted organizer in the frame with your own hands clothes hanger Organizer for decorations with your own hands from the shelf organizer for necklaces from bathroom hangers

Organizer for decorations from branches

For a walk in the park or forest, pay attention to the fallen branches of the tree. Of these, you can make original stands or hangers for decorations in eco-style. storing ornaments on a tree branch showcase for decorations on a branch wall organizer for decoration with your own hands from a branch

Organizers for jewelry from boxes and boxes

Different wooden boxes and boxes can beto use not only as desktop boxes, but also as wall organizers for jewelry. Take a suitable box, decorate it at will, then nail in it the partitions, screw in the hooks, glue the section of the mesh for earrings, put the boxes for small brooches or rings. ideas for storing jewelry on the wall in boxes storage of jewelry in an organizer from drawers ideas of storing jewelry yourself organizer for decorations from a box storage of jewelry by hand in a cutlery box

Table stand for jewelry with your own hands

If you do not like the idea of ​​storing jewelry onwall, make your own hands on a tabletop for jewelry. You can simply take a stand for cups, a grater or a branch of a tree in a flowerpot and hang ornaments on them. You can assemble a stand from water pipes, make old CDs, plates or plastic bottles, and use cardboard rolls and bottles as bracelets storage. stand for jewelry from the cup holder stand for earrings from the grater with your own hands stand for earrings from disks Supports from plastic bottles for decorationsstand for pipe ornaments stand for decorations with your own hands from the plates storage of bracelets on cardboard rolls storage of wristbands on bottles organizer for jewelry with his own hands from trays from eggs organizer for decorations from trays from eggs

Storing jewelry on a chain or rope

Earrings and beads can be hung on a wire, a string, a chain or a cord stretched on a wall or in a frame. storage of jewelry on the wall organizer for jewelry from the chain frame as an organizer for decorations storage of jewelry in the frame

Wall organizer for rake decorations

Very unusual use of the old rake! storage of jewelry by hand - rake organizer for jewelry made of rake

Hangers-hangers for jewelry

Conventional wooden coat hangers can be turned into comfortable hangers for jewelry and jewelry. Crocheted hooks will add storage space for necklaces and bracelets. storage of ornaments on shoulders storage of jewelry on hangers-hangers

Storage of jewelry in pockets

An interesting option is to turn a small black dress into an organizer for decorations. To do this, you need to sew on the dress beads for the beads and rows of translucent pockets for other small ornaments. black dress with pockets for jewelry