Strawberries from beads: ripe berries and flowers with their own hands

Strawberries from beads: ripe berries and flowers with their own hands


The youngest time of the year, a cheerful spring,Is associated not only with fresh wind and blossoming touching leaves, but also with avitaminosis. Waiting for the fruit and berries pores will take several months, but for now you can please yourself with the production of mouth-watering products. Ripe strawberries from beads, planted in a pot, will be a magnificent decoration of an apartment or house.

Required inventory

For work you will need to prepare:

  • Beads (bright red) - one pack;
  • Beads (yellow and white) - 1 pack;
  • Beads (green);
  • Beads of black color - 15 pieces;
  • Wire (diameter - 0.3 millimeters) of silver or red hue;
  • scissors.

Let's start to make
Strawberries from beads, which are easy to make with their own hands, consists of several berries, a flower and leaflets. The technique used is a parallel weave.

Master class of weaving strawberries from beads

Make a berry Beading suggestsThe production of original and creative handicrafts. Our master class for beginners will allow you to quickly figure out all the "wisdoms" of the process, and a video lesson will consolidate the material you've covered. So, you need:

  • Gently bend the working material, thread three beads of red hue;
  • To stretch the working material through 2-beads, forming the second row;
  • To form the third row, threading one of the edges of the three red elements as shown in the photo, pass through them the 2nd edge;
  • The berry will be neat if both wires are torn from opposite ends;
  • Make the fourth row of red (3 pcs.) And black beads;

  • Form the 5th row of 5 elements;
  • The rest of the rows make, harmoniously alternating red and black elements;
  • Gently twist the ends of the working material, the rest of the berries do the same;
  • Before you start making the last part of the berry, roll a ball out of colored paper and put it inside (so the berry will be round and almost indistinguishable from the real one);
  • Make the missing part.

The strawberry is ready.
Do the flower The diagram suggests that thisStrawberry bush will be neat little flowers with a yellow center. Follow the prompts given by our master class, and this delicate process will not seem difficult. You can make a flower by doing the following manipulations:

  • Take a piece of working material;
  • Make 5 petals (technique - circular weaving), then the core;
  • To complete the work on the petal around the core, draw an arc;
  • Make five petals, twist the ends of the wire.
  • To make a core on the middle of a piece of wire, string six beads;
  • Make a loop;
  • String on the edge of the wire three elements;
  • Through the bottom bead, stretch the second edge of the wire;
  • Repeat the manipulation, twist the ends of the wire;
  • Gently place the core between the petals.

Your flower is ready!
We make leaves Beadwork involves the production of green leaves for the design of strawberry berries and flowers. You will act as follows:

  • Cut 20 centimeters of wire, string ten green beads;
  • Extend the long end of the working material through the last element;
  • Make 5 petals and gently twist the ends;
  • Insert the flowers and berries between the green leaves as suggested by the diagram.

Strawberry, a master class from beads whichAllows even novice needlewomen to prove themselves, suggests spectacular design. To do this, wind the stems with green thread or floral tape, and plant your bush in a decorated pot.

Video: We learn how to make strawberries from beads