String art tree on the wall

String art tree on the wall

These impressive panels on the wall came up andMade the artist and designer Kathryn Anderson with the simplest materials: clerical buttons and woolen yarn! This kind of decorative and applied art is called string art, from English "string", which means "string, string, string". The progress of the work is quite simple, though labor-intensive. Thus, you can depict not only a string art tree, but also decorate the walls with any image, a sketch you will come up with or find in the Internet. String art tree on the wall

Materials and tools:

  • Buttons or nails;
  • a hammer;
  • One or more coils of woolen or acrylic yarn;
  • Chalk or pencil simple.

How to make a tree art tree: work progress

Start with a general sketch of the shape of the picture on the wall. To do this, it is desirable to draw or print a sketch, in our case, of a tree in advance. Use the buttons to mark the trunk of the tree, the border of the crown, the main and additional small branches. You can use the chalk or make an easy sketch with a simple pencil. String art tree Do not try to be exact, do not repeatIdeally a drawing and do not seek symmetry, it should not be in the form of a tree, just follow the yarn and your imagination. Begin pulling yarn starting from the bottom of the tree trunk. After reaching the right clove, just wrap the thread a couple of times around it. Do not be too linear and consistent, jump between the buttons in different directions, turn back. So you create more volume and the texture will become more like the bark of the tree. Do not be afraid to use the same button several times. String art tree on the wall - a master class Add more character and liveliness to the pattern. Make a hollow in the bark and a few small round holes. To do this, insert three or more buttons in a circle and leave the space between them in the process of winding the yarn empty. Play with the size of branches and small twigs. Let them overlap each other. String art tree - the process of creating To pause, relax and evaluate your work from afar, just stick a button anywhere and tightly wrap it in yarn, keeping the tension of the entire composition. A tree of thread on the wall with your own hands This wall decor can be made in color, using several colors of yarn, as well as more voluminous, using threads of different thickness and texture. Tree on the wall - string art with your own hands