String of beads with your hands (photo and video)

String of beads with your hands (photo and video)


Today it became very popular to createall kinds of jewelry made of beads around his neck. Among the jewelry there is a cord and bead, which can make any color, length and shape, and decorate it with all sorts of pendants and tassels. This master class will help make the dream a reality any skilled worker wishing to fill his new necklace box, and talk about how we can all be made of beads with your hands.

Master class on beads braided line

Materials needed:

  • strong thread of different colors;
  • 6 red and 6 black beads;
  • colorless beads packing number 10 weighing 25 g;
  • 2 large crystal beads;
  • thin needle for beads;
  • zip cord;
  • hook.

Braid will consist of 6 beadsconnected in a circle. Cord can produce both larger or smaller number of circular beads. But, if the beads will be too much, the necklace can not simply bend.
The work itself will be tomake crafts from beads along the length of 42 cm (figure 42 multiplied by the number of beads in the line - 6). Finished amount measured 252 centimeters: in the order you want to dial the cord string beads about 250 centimeters (2.5 m), as shown by the scheme.
Now, when two left thread 5 m beads,We need to get him 6 black and 6 red beads with two directions of the cord, and leave 25 cm from the edge of the threads to install fasteners. Next, beading will take place in stages, moving the beads and unrolling the line. To harness must be prepared somewhere 50m threads.

Departing from the strung beads should weaveHook Air loop cord, as shown in the photo. Then you need to push the basic black beads on the first ear to vyplesti another the same loop of beads. Just this loop should then be the basis for necklace ring closure. Such action needs to be done with the following 5 beads of the cord, and the master class will gladly help you.

When needlework with black beads 6 is completed,it will be possible to begin weaving the final tab for the first, founding turnover - the main part of the cord. And now comes beading around the circumference of 6 pieces of red beaded shades must be added without adding the already existing matter. With video, you can familiarize themselves with the process.
The beads on the exterior lines are almost alwaysare perpendicular, but in this situation, the cords must be inverted upward beads holes, which occupies a horizontal position, as shown by diagram.

Now, when it is a beaded necklace wovenAll beads scarlet color, you can begin to work with crystal beads, which will be connected by cable to the ring. Weave must be done until then, until the completion of "reserve" of 2.5 m beads. For beginners needlewomen such a procedure may seem very easy and fun.

In conclusion, only one line is woven with thread, withoutbeads: they will be in the top hole, as does the beaded cord. Now we need to cut the thread of the coil to make a big ear, not kicking off the hook. The tip of the cord, made with his own hands, it is now prepared for the next job.
Now we have one small thing. It is necessary at the beginning and end of the cord on the needle thread strung on one crystal bead and sew beads to a large fastener. Further, it is required to do so: in the field of the castle for the cord has additional small rings, which is necessary to pass through the thread. Stretching should be through a large bead, and cling to the thread that runs in the middle of the previous tow line, as seen in the photo. Go so many times, it is desirable to lock sitting tight. Now you need to thread fasten knots, thread the needle in a few centimeters cord and trim.

This is how you can make wonderful decorations on the neck - strings of beads.

Video: Lessons weaving different strings of beads