We are exploring ways of knitting "stocking st" video lesson

We are exploring ways of knitting "stocking st" video lesson


Today we tell about how to performstockinet. You've probably already learned the basic knitting techniques, and therefore, have mastered the main loop - right and wrong (in the text they use for the notation LP and SP, respectively). Thus, tie fabric stocking st for you not to be easy. Since hosiery knitting is the simplest of all that are in the knitting, it will be able to master any knitter, even the beginners.

Where applicable

In general, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this mating. Arts knit fabric hosiery simple way will allow you to link any clothing, and a variety of other different basic mating patterns, you get gorgeous fancy patterns on the basis of the simplest techniques.

This binding can be called universal, because its scope is practically unlimited. Use this pattern for different purposes:

  • to create models for women, men and children;
  • as the basis for a fashionable jacquard (. note - fit individuals viscous expanse of two or more threads.);
  • as a background or openwork convex pattern;
  • as a canvas for embroidery or ornamental production.

Sometimes this method of knitting is calledJersey. The name of the "stocking" binding acquired because of its widespread use in the manufacture of stockings and socks. It was this painting, also known as knitted, used in vyvyazyvanii circular stocking.

How to knit

This is accomplished by knittingalternating rows of persons. and wrong. In other words, the front, side or odd you always perform only one LP, and on the underside, that is, the even side, you are always only SP. At the same time when knitting LP Working thread is always at work, and when SP - on the contrary, before knitting. The result is a one-sided knit, where one side is in the form of persons. smooth surface, and the second - in the form of wrong.
In the photo below you can see how much different face (Figure 1) and wrong (Figure 2) the parties:

Make a set of spokes loops one of the available methods. For information on how to gain the loop, you can find on our site.
Knit the first row of the classic LP .:

Turn the knitting and in the opposite directionknit series as "look loop" - SP. The third and all odd continue to knit LP. The even rows provyazyvayutsya SP. The result is a smooth surface. On the front side is the front, from the back - Wrong. Lic. side is the main picture it:

But it looks like this scheme for the web:


Usually performed classical hosiery knittingLP, on the reverse side - respectively, the traditional IP model. However, this fabric can be knit, and so-called "grandmother loops" that differ in the arrangement of loops on the knitting needles. If the traditional performance of the LP provyazyvayutsya front side cover hinge, the "grandmother" version they provyazyvayutsya the rear wall. At this turn of the loop changes, and on the wrong rows on needle. For detailed information on a knitting manner also has separately. The scheme in this case is the same as the web has apparently no significant differences in any technique provyazyvaniya loops, it is important only to observe the technique in both rows of the same.

Non-standard ways of doing hosiery knitting

Usually hosiery knit fabric turningpainting each row again. However, on the Internet I found a curious way of knitting hosiery fabric smooth surface without corners. The method is quite unexpected, it is not usual, but with proper skill perfectly acceptable. Especially since, in principle, LP provyazyvayutsya usually easier SP, and the method includes knitting alone LP.
Below is a video lesson knitting such an unusual way.

Knitting on circular needles

The principle of such knitting the same - one sideare only LA, but only for the second SP. But the technique of knitting is different. This is due to the fact that when the circular knitting all rows are knitted in a circle the same way. This can be done and the IP, however, easier and more convenient to all knit all facial. Not least because the majority of schemes provides all the facial knitting. In the photo below you can see how looks a circular hosiery knitting:

Videos: Knit circular needles

We have knitted hosiery feature - the edge of the productpodvorachivaetsja below. Therefore, to secure the smooth edges of the bottom of the product is better to draw a rubber band, or any type of garter stitch. At the edge of the facial fabric side, too few can wrap inside. It does not matter if the details stachnye, but unacceptable in vyvyazyvanii scarves and other products with the open edge. Therefore, fasten the sides of any pattern or garter stitch.