The suit of the dog with their own hands: ideas, master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The suit of the dog with their own hands: ideas, master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

All children love animals, and when it comes tocarnival, matinee or just a festive evening, no child will refuse to dress up in the costume of a beloved animal. Statistics show that the kids are more sympathetic with images of squirrels, seals, chanterelles and other beasts, and only then are the notorious princesses and musketeers. how to sew a dog suitA dog is one of your favorite pet children, andbecause this image is in demand both among boys and among girls. Of course, a costume can be purchased in a store or ordered in a studio, but it costs a lot of money. It is much cheaper to make a dog suit with your own hands. And the result certainly will please both parents and the child!

Different options

A puppy's puppy costume can be presented inseveral variants. The first - more expensive and for money and time - involves sewing a full overall with a hood. The second variant of the outfit is made up by various thematic details, which are worn on the basis - monochrome tights and a turtleneck. Dog suit optionsThe advantages of the last costume are in relative cheapness and variety of combinations: for your child you can choose from all the elements of clothing those that you and he prefer.


For the manufacture of overalls you will need:

  • fabric under the base (preferably Lycra - it is easy and fun to work with);
  • fur or terry cloth;
  • needles;
  • thread;
  • Pins;
  • chalk for fabric (or soap);
  • sharp scissors;
  • pattern;
  • decor elements (lace, ribbons);
  • wire or wire.

Algorithm for creating:

Before you make a dog suit, select the appropriate patterns for the overalls. It should be slightly baggy. Measure:

  • chest girth;
  • Girth of the waist;
  • length of sleeve;
  • length of backrest;
  • length of the leg.

Based on these measurements, sew a Lycra overall of the chosen color. In the course of work cut out the details of the pattern (circle them on the fabric with chalk or soap, leaving the allowance for the seam). Dog suit with own handsTo sew details of a coveralls it is better on the sewing machine. They need to be put face-piece inside and for convenience to fix with pins on perimetre.Kombinezon is ready! Now proceed with the decoration:

  • From the fur fabric, cut out large spots of irregular shape. You can do this with the children: they will be happy to take part in creating their own costume and feel like real tailors.
  • If the fabric "crumbles", you need to sweep the edges.
  • Sew impromptu fur stains on a suit.
  • Take a wire or wire - this will be the basis for the tail, so that it holds the shape. If the tail has to stick out, use wire - it's stronger.
  • Estimate the length of the tail.
  • From Lycra, cut out two details for the tail - narrow at the end and slightly wider at the base. Do not forget about the allowance on the seam!
  • Attach one end of the wire to the surface of the overalls with threads. For safety, you can lubricate this place with superglue.
  • Put the resulting cover on the wire, sew along the circumference to the side.
  • This clothing is not exactly like a dog's suit. There are not enough ears and muzzle! dog house suitFrom this situation, there are four options:

  • To make a coverall with a hood, sew on iteyes, nose and ears. Eyes can be bought in the store "Everything for sewing" or stitching on the typewriter. As a nose, a large button or pompon made of dark cloth will come off. Ears are sewn from two identical parts: the upper one is made of fur fabric, the lower one is made of Lycra or any other.
  • On the same hood to sew only the ears, and itselfmuzzle to paint on the face of the child with paint for makeup. You can draw a funny nose, a sticky tongue, shaggy eyebrows and spots around the eyes - in a word, a flight of fantasy!
  • The variant, identical to the first, only the details of the muzzle are sewn not on the hood, but on the cap, which the craftsman must sew separately.
  • A dog mask can be painted with gouache, cut out of paper and fixed on an elastic band.
  • The resulting suit will not be inferior to the new one, bought in the store. And most importantly: it will be unique!

    Gather an image from the details

    The base under the doggie suit for a boy or girl consists of:

    • a plain t-shirt or a turtleneck;
    • monochrome tights.

    Note: it is recommended to give preference to black, brown and white colors. However, in some types of costume, the use of other colors is permissible. For example, the outfit of a circus poodle can be pink, blue or green - then choose the basis of such a scale. dog suit for boyThe outfit can consist of such details as:

    • Vest.

    Patterns for sewing this costume can befind anywhere. A vest made of fur fabric will create a semblance of dog hair. Also you can make a vest from Lycra, which was mentioned above. Sew on it naughty terry stains for greater likelihood.

    • Shorts / skirt.

    For the boy you need to sew shorts or trousers from thethe same fabric, from which the upper part of the suit is made. Some masters for tailoring trousers choose a material with a print "bone", which corresponds to the dog theme. Dog costume for babyThe girl's skirt must also be either fur or tulle. Make a pack of tulle, and your daughter will turn into a circus poodle!

    • Breast.

    The breast has the form of a fur collar, short behind and slightly longer - in front. You can wear it on a turtleneck, without a vest.

    • Fur sleeves.

    Take two wide ribbons, attach them to thempieces of fur material, tie at the wrists of the child. This will create a feeling of fluffy paws. The same can be done on the ankles. Please note: a good alternative to ribbons are the wide elastic bands.

    • Ears.

    They are sewn on standard patterns. Attach ears to your head with hairpins. You can also fasten them to a hoop or hat.

    • Tail.

    The dog tail is sewn to the shorts / pants / skirtor attached to a separate belt. Pay attention: the tail should not be paper, otherwise the child risks tearing it off. The dog's suit for the baby is collected! If desired, add it with a collar. Be sure to use make-up - kids like it. Make up for the dog's costumeCharisma, friendliness and devotion attractschildren's dog, whose suit is happy to try on almost every child. This outfit is perfect for going to the carnival, celebrating the matinee or celebrating the New Year. Look at similar master classes: