The Iron Man suit with your own hands. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The Iron Man suit with your own hands. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

For parents preparing for the holidays, in whichtheir child is involved, necessarily includes the production or purchase of a character's costume, in the image of which the child will appear. Lately, various superheroes or people with supernatural abilities have gained increasing popularity. One of the most beloved boys is the Iron Man, a multifunctional robot run by Tony Stark (his creator), who saves the world from evil. costume variants hgh kostum-iron-man-05 kostum-iron-man-06Iron Man costumes can be the mostdiverse and have many variations, because to create a real vestment that makes your master invulnerable and even gives you the opportunity to fly, unfortunately, will not work. But you can make a hero's costume from simple materials with your own hands. Of what? Yes, there is just a lot of variations: from paper, cardboard, sewed from fabric, made of aluminum or other metal, cast from plastic, etc.

The main components of the costume

ready-made iron man suitIf you undertake to make this character's costume,then you will find that there are many of its models and varieties, so choose the option that you like the most. The most popular and effective model is Iron Man Mark VII. Child costume should be light and safe, so do not connect to it electronics to recreate luminous eyes or other elements of the image of the hero. It is better to make a child a suit of "papercrafting" technique. It will allow you to create an image using paper, cardboard and gluing by special technologies. To make a product, you will need diagrams or drawings. They already exist a lot. After installing the program Pepakura Designer 3 or Pepakura Viewer, you can unpack files in * .pdo format. Then they can be edited, set their sizes, etc. Schemes can be redrawn or printed using a printer. Then - collect and paint. So you will have a real suit with your own hands.

  • Link to Pepakura Viewer:
  • Patterns of Iron Man can be downloaded here:

ready-made helmet

The manufacturing process: what should be prepared and how to collect the parts?

After printing out the drawings, remove the measurements from yourchild and make the necessary changes in the scheme - so you will have your own version of the costume. Then print again, but with the right size. The paper for making the costume should be taken with a density of at least 160 g / m2. Experienced cosplayers are advised to take not even a cardboard, but a very dense Whatman. You will also need:

  • a good sharp cutter or clerical knife;
  • special cutting mat;
  • fiberglass cloth;
  • awl;
  • adhesive and glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • epoxy resin (also need rubber gloves and a respirator when working with resins);
  • acrylic paints (red and gold color);
  • transparent plastic;
  • sandpaper.

So, start making a suit with your own hands.

  • The first is a helmet. For this, print out the drawings of the helmet and cut out all the details. Then gently begin to glue them together (collect as a normal helmet). On all the elements are numbered, so you need to carefully glue them together (the back of the mask, which will be removed, do not stick it).

Video master class

Iron Man Mask, turn-based work. Patterns here: A bit easier option is to create a mask of papier-mache by the same principle, and the suit itself is cut and sewn from the fabric (yellow or golden vodolozka / jacket and pants, and the rest of the details are red : vest, briefs, gloves, knee socks, shoes). The relief of certain parts of the body can be given with the help of foam rubber. If your child dreams of being a real superhero, help him realize his dream and create for him a miracle in the form of a costume of a favorite character. Or make a cool suit for yourself :)

Iron Man Reactor