Snow White Costumes for Halloween and New Year for Adult Girls and Little Girls / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snow White Costumes for Halloween and New Year for Adult Girls and Little Girls / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The tale of Snow White and seven gnomes has been around for many years,but her outfit is relevant to this day and is often used as a New Year's costume or a costume for Halloween. A yellow skirt, a blue blouse and a flirty red bow - that's what's included in the traditional Snow White costume. And to create these details, you will need tips on how to make them and, of course, your imagination.

New Year's Snow White costume for the girl

One of the best skirt options for this outfit -skirt sun. It will require a satin yellow fabric. First, we measure the waist. We divide this figure by 6.28 and round it to the big side. Next, take a square cloth, add it two times to get a square, and from its inner corner we measure the resulting figure on the sides. We close the two points by a smooth line. We unfold the fabric and proceed also with the other three parts. It should turn out so that the four semicircular lines close in a circle. Next, determine the length of the skirt. Having determined it, we measure from the edges of the circle, creating another circle, cut it in one radius, cut out the inner circle, sew a rubber into it and sew up the radius. Mishura is a New Year's attribute that you can use. Sew a wide golden tinsel to the edge of the skirt. The next detail is the blouse of Snow White. It will require a light blue satin fabric. The first detail to be cut is the back. For the sample, take any blouse, attach it to the blue fabric, circle, add a few centimeters, and draw the sleeves-lanterns. Snow White Costume for GirlThe two front side pieces must be similarback, but the cutout should be larger, and to the inner edges you need to add a few centimeters, so you can sew on buttons and button them. We sew the details, sweep the edges, sew on the buttons and make holes for them. From the red satin fabric we cut out six small rounded diamonds and sew them to the sleeves. The last detail is a red bow. Cut out a pair of small rectangles from red satin fabric, sew. Take a small ribbon of the same material and reel it in the middle, then, sewn. A good accessory will be a basket in which apples will lie. Wearing a basket full of such fruits is hard and uncomfortable, therefore, they can be made of paper and glued to its outer part. After you cut out apples from red paper, do not forget to cut out the leaves from the green. Snow White Suit for Girl-2

Snow White Costume for Girl on Halloween

In the Snow White children's costume for Halloween canto enter a skirt-tutu, in fact it elegantly looks and is simple in manufacturing. A pattern is not needed for it - just cut the long and thin strips of yellow fabric from the yellow fabric and tie them to an elastic band whose diameter is determined by measuring the waist. In order to make the top part, we take any one-colored blue blouse or blouse, even with a long sleeve, and sew rectangles red sleeves-lanterns so that they hold on to two elastic bands. In any outfit on Halloween, the mantle looks great, and Snow White's costume is no exception. It can be made from two rectangles. The top one is black and the inner one is red. Sew a ribbon to the top to tie a mantle. Snow White Costume on HalloweenIn the form of a headdress, you can use the usuala rim that should be wrapped in red ribbon. Any detail of Snow White's outfit for Halloween should be decorated with spiders and cobwebs. They need to either draw on the details of the costume, or create and sew. A web can be made from woolen black or white threads, from which it's easy to create a spider's legs. The eyes of spiders can be made from red little buttons, and its body is made of small globules of thick black hair.

Adult New Year's costume Snow White

Dress up as the heroine of the fairy tale "Snow White andseven gnomes "for the New Year's holiday is allowed and an adult lady. If you do not want to sew a skirt, look for any version of it in yellow and decorate with golden tinsel on the vertical. Such a reception will not only give things a festivity, but will also visually harmonize. Adult New Year's costume Snow WhiteA blue satin blouse is also easy to find, andTo decorate it, you need a red thin tinsel. It must be sewn to the location of the buttons vertically. It is desirable that there are two such strips. Diamonds for sleeves can be cut out not only from red fabric, but also from paper, attaching with pins. Two red satin details - a wide belt in the form of tape and a ribbon on the head - will look spectacular. Doing it is simple - just cut a pair of identical strips for each piece of red fabric and sew. A beautiful red holiday accessory for such a dress can serve as a small red handbag, created from two semicircles and a long ribbon. As a decoration, use red tinsel, sparkles or large rhinestones. Adult New Year's costume Snow White-2

Adult Snow White Costume for Halloween

Snow White costume for Halloween can beunusual and different from the original image, therefore, you can experiment here, including imagination to the fullest. An interesting version of the top of this costume is a top without lace-balls on an elastic band, which can be made from two rectangular pieces of an erotic fabric, and removable sleeves-flashlights on an elastic band, to which you should sew a red diamond. In order not to spend on fabric for the robe, it is enough to take a small piece of black satin fabric and sew a black ribbon to it. The short mantle also looks very impressive, especially at a festive party dedicated to Halloween. Adult Snow White Costume for HalloweenIf your hair is not black, we advisebuy a black wig in the form of a hairstyle. You can attach a ready-made hair clip with a red bow to it or make it yourself. To do this, you need a barrette and a red cloth. From the red fabric we cut out the bow and paste it to the barrette. Taking into account that the image should be gloomy and not ordinary, it is necessary to choose the tights corresponding to it. The best option - pantyhose in a large net or with a pattern in the form of a web. You can make the original version yourself - take the black kapron tights and create on them slits, puffs and holes with shaggy edges.