Summer handbag without sewing

Summer handbag without sewing

In summer, the need for lightbag that occupies a minimum of folded space, but can accommodate many things for a beach, picnic or shopping on the market. There are many interesting options how to sew similar bags with your own hands. But in this master class it is suggested to use a ready knitted pillowcase or cover, thanks to which you will get a summer bag with your own hands without a single needle stitch! summer bag without sewing

Necessary tools and materials

In order to get a summer bag with your own hands, you will need:

  • large rectangular pillowcase or cover;
  • tape, tissue pigtail or thick cord for the strap over the shoulder;
  • scissors;
  • if desired, decorate the bag - acrylic paint and sponge.

If there is no suitable pillowcase, then you can sewan ordinary rectangular bag made of any light fabric. So even it will be more convenient - you can independently determine the size of the future bag-hobo, as well as choose the color and pattern of the fabric. summer bag with your hands from a pillowcase

Summer handbag: work progress

The whole process of creating a summer bag with your own handsVery simple! 1. Lay a pillowcase or a sewn bag on the table and fold it in half so that the open side is on top. 2. If there is a desire to decorate the bag, to embroider with beads or paint it, it is better to do it now. For example, you can take an acrylic paint, sponge a triangular shape and make an abstract "stamped" pattern. 3. Using scissors, carefully make holes through the open area of ​​the bag and the rear part. Take the fabric strap and firmly bind the fabric layers. 4. Turn over the bag, take two corners, cut holes in them, connect and tie a small piece of tape. 5. To make a brush, collect a little cloth from the top of the bag and tie it with tape. If desired, you can come up with several options for fastening, for example, on magnets, Velcro or belt. summer bag with your own hands from a pillowcase without sewing The video below gives a master-class with detailed step-by-step instructions for more clarity of the process. soft bucket bag with your own hands without sewing from a pillowcasehobo-bag of pillowcases with your own hands a hobo bag with your own hands from a pillowcase without sewing