Pendants made of beads in training lessons (photo and video)

Pendants made of beads in training lessons (photo and video)


Beadwork in our time is one of theThe most popular needlework, along with embroidery and knitting. Beading allows you to make a lot of different decorations for your house, as well as all kinds of accessories and jewelry. A variety of woven flowers and trees, handbags and beads, bracelets and brooches, is still an incomplete list of beadwork. This lesson we will devote to the manufacture of pendants and pendants, braided from beads.

Pendant made of beads and beads by own hands

The first master class is provided with appropriatePhotos that will make it easier for you to perceive the material, and the patterns of weaving such a suspension are not at all complicated and you can easily repeat the independent weaving of such an ornament.
First, we list the necessary materials for work:

  • 12 large beads for pearls;
  • 6 faceted beads;
  • 12 bicones;
  • 5 grams of beads;
  • Needle bead;
  • Line or bead thread.

And now we begin to find out exactly how to weavePendants made of beads. We will try to present the information available for everyone, and even for beginners. Our weaving starts from the fact that we string six bicones on a fishing line, and tie its ends, forming a ring of them.

Then the circuit requires a loop of threePearl beads near each biconus. We cut a line into each, and we collect three beads for this line. As a result, above each bicones we have a loop of these three pearls. It is necessary to continue until all 12 pearls run out. After that, you need to add one faceted bead in between the pearls, which are most issued from the pendant, being at the peak of the loop. We draw a line through these pearls, stringing the beads between the peaks.

The scheme of weaving is almost respected. It remains to expand
, Which we have prepared. This can be done the way you like, observing symmetry.

And in conclusion, you just need to attachA metal connecting ring, and hang your pendant on a chain. If there is a desire, then add to the pendant a bicones, a pearl and a long beveled bead that will play the role of a suspension. Such a suspension will give the pendant an inimitable beauty.

Large pendant of beads, beads and crystals

The second master class is equipped with video, and will tell you how to make a beautiful suspension of beads and beads with your own hands, for which you need to have:

  • Beads of copper and silver colors;
  • Beads 10 mm;
  • Crystals Swarovski 4x6mm and 14mm;
  • Fishing line;
  • Needle;
  • scissors.

To perform the master class there is a step-by-step scheme that must be strictly observed. In the video lesson, you can examine in detail all the details of the weaving.
We string 28 beads of copper color on the line andWe close the ring from them, passing the thread through the last bead in reverse. Then string another, and go through the bead rings to fix the thread. Continue stringing, then threading through the next bead ring. We perform such actions until the end of the ring.

When the first row is woven, then we draw the needle from the last bead to the next row, and begin to weave silvery color. We continue the weaving, and we weave two more rows.

Then we return to the first row of ourWeaving, and we continue to work with beads of the color we used to weave it, that is, we change color to copper. We collect five beads on the fishing line, insert the needle into one bead of the first row, counting out four more, we introduce the line into the fifth bead of the first row. This creates a beaded arc. That's how we braid the whole first row with beaded arcs.

The next series is formed, adding throughoutCircles of arcs one bead in the middle bead of the arc, giving the arc a more acute form. After that, in the middle of the figure you need to put a large 14 millimeter crystal, tightening the line of the outer row and fixing the crystal inside. For the fortress, you can add another row along the edge.

Continuing beading, we bring a needle to the oneA row from which we began the weaving, and on the edge we weave another row. The next operation is that we add a large bead and one silver bead to the edge of the weaving. You need to string 7 beads around the circumference, clinging them to the protruding beads.

In the end, we draw a line to the left of the large bead. We collect three copper beads and seven silver ones, and draw a line in silver, located above the big bead.

Then we make a set of 7 silver and three copperBeads, and draw a line to the right and below the bead. Our bead turned out braided beads of two colors, as in a halo. Now move the line to the next bead, holding a needle in the bead to the left of this bead. We braid the second bead with copper and silver beads, just as we did in the first case. In the same way you need to do with all the beads, braiding them.

Now we'll string one silveryBead, bead, and another bead. This set will be fixed in the gap between the large beads, forming another row. After that, string one bead, crystal and another bead of silver color, and draw the thread in the last row, fixing them in the gaps.

Next, make a loop, which will hang ourpendant. To do this, we dial 12 beads, and fix them with a fishing line over the last row. Our suspension is ready, and now it remains only to attach it to the chain.

Video: Plait pendant-pendant of beads and beads

Our lesson, on which we taught you to weave pendants from beads, came to an end. Remember that you need to refer to photos and videos that will help you in creating your own original pendants.

Video: Beadwork master classes