Sweater for a cat and a pattern of old clothes for a beginner

Sweater for a cat and a pattern of old clothes for a beginner

Clothing for the cat family is notthe ubiquitous phenomenon of glamor fashion, or a method of sophistication for the owner of his cat. In a number of very different cases, the cat requires a certain attitude and one of the options, this is to protect it from the cold expanses and various problems that can happen when moving a pet from point A to point B.

Feature of choosing clothes for a cat

Sweater for a cat and a pattern from old clothes for a beginner. Photo №1 In particular, this concerns those owners whoengage in their pet in the priority sense: They drive to the veterinarian, or visit various exhibitions of cats. In this case, the option of warming the cat seems very reasonable, and in some cases even necessary. This is especially true of certain breeds, the genetics of which have determined them a clear life in warm countries. They suffer from a deficit of a beautiful and warming fur coat, or completely naked, for example, as a Sphinx breed. Also, the Devon Rex breed may be on this list. Sweater for a cat and a pattern from old clothes for a beginner. Photo # 2 Clothing for a cat is required and in order towarm it in a cool room, especially if you live in a country house, and your family of cats live in the so-called summer kitchen. In general, this problem has a solution. First of all, at the present time there are a lot of different shops where you can buy different models of clothes for cats, completely different purposes. But, you will agree, sometimes it is more pleasant to independently process this or that material, to make such an idea, which will be unique and will be executed with love. The community of handicrafts lovers can offer a variety of options for sewing clothes for an animal. Including for cats. But, this article will help you with what will help to solve two main problems

  • Make a nice and comfortable, warm suit cat or cat.
  • Do it quickly
  • In our case, there will be a simple solution that is perfect for home use, either just for the summer kitchen or for a poorly heated room.

    Sweater from the sock

    Sweater for a cat and a pattern from old clothes for a beginner. Picture №3 Easy sweater for your cat to make enoughjust. It is necessary only to have a pair of socks without a heel and the ability to process them with the help of competent instructions. The second item of the list is slightly lower. To begin with, you need to make sure that the sock rubber is not tight so that it does not create discomfort for your pet. After, it is necessary to cut off the part of the lower fold near the sock. Measurement should be made in accordance with the growth of the cat, so you decide what length to cut. Then, you need to prepare special slotted holes for each pet's paw. Subsequently, it is necessary to make slits and process the places where your slices were made. Then, after this, it is necessary to treat the surface of the former socks with a crochet or by using thick threads that can be swept with a thick needle. Important. To the sweater did not have the ability to roll up and stayed good on your pet, you should attach special harnesses that are suitable for the hind legs of your pet. Of course, such a solution has its flaws. It is worthwhile to understand that such a suit has its own peculiarities. Sweater for a cat and a pattern from old clothes for a beginner. Photo №4 From the pros:

    • It is easy to find material for subsequent processing
    • Easy cutting and lining material
    • Comfortable suit for home with a free style

    From the minuses:

    • Rapidly spoils
    • Without a quality cut, it is difficult to fit the material under the cat
    • Suitable only for small cats or kittens.

    For adult cats it is more preferableis considered an option that uses a warm sweater of old clothes. It can come as a good material for the future sweaters of your pet. However, this material has a more stable structure, in consequence of which, it is not too easy to spoil it. Especially if you take a fleece sweater. Summary In this article, you will be able to understand how you can quickly and efficiently process the simplest materials in a hurry to make a simple and comfortable suit for your kitty. This solution is perfect for a home or for short travels of your pet in the city.