Sweater for girls with knitting needles: we knit by the scheme with description and photo

Sweater for girls with knitting needles: we knit by the scheme with description and photo


Young princesses try to imitate their mother in everything,This applies to clothes. Little girls are sincerely and enthusiastically happy about the appearance of various updates, not only from the store, but also those things that my mother tied up with her own hands. If you want to please your child with another masterpiece, then we suggest that you knit a sweater for a girl according to the scheme.

Bright striped sweater for a small fashionista

If you have not even great skills in thisNeedlework, like knitting, you can safely start making a baby sweater. Only at first you need to decide what materials to knit, and according to what scheme. You can make a summer sweater out of cotton yarn or a warm item for cool mohair and wool weather. If you can not decide, then use our examples of knitting, and prepare the knitting needles and the appropriate yarn.
The size of the product is designed for a girl of seven years. Prepare yarn of several colors, for example you can take yellow, purple, emerald, blue and pink. It is desirable that the yarn consist of viscose, cotton and polyamide. Needles need 3.5 and 4.5. You will not need a chart, since the main pattern is the facial smooth surface, which is tied into faces. R. Facial loops, and in ext. R. Purl links.

The alternation of color bars will be as follows: Ten p. Emerald color, six rivers. Shaped yarn, then 10 yellow rows, again shaped thread, 10 blue p., Again yarn shaped, then pink and the end will be purple.
The density will be 19 loops at 28 rows = 10 by 10 cm. The elastic band is knitted alternating faces. And out. P.
For the back, dial 69 p. Lilac color and knit four centimeters of gum. In the last strip, you must evenly add ten buttonholes. Then the canvas should be knit persons. Smoothness in the sequence described above. Having reached the height of forty centimeters, you can cover the central 17 pips for the cutout, close on each side in each second row 3 pips once and 2 pips each. After reaching a height of 43 cm, you can close the last shoulder tabs.
The front part is knitted similarly to the back. Only after reaching a height of 37 cm, close for the cutout the central eight links. On both sides of them close in every second river. Once in three, one, two and four by one. Close the shoulder straps at a height of 43 cm.

It remains to bind the sleeves and make the assembly of allProducts. Type lilac yarn in the amount of 33 p. And knit five centimeters of gum. In the last strip, make a uniform increase of 17 points. After that, knit the faces. Smooth in those colors that were previously described. To make up the bevels, you need to make increases on both sides in the fourth river. Once, and then in each 6 p. Ten times one n. After reaching a height of 34 cm, close the links. Tie the second sleeve in the same way.
We begin to collect the sweater for the girl together. Make all the seams and sew up your sleeves. At the edge of the cut, draw on the four spokes yellow yarn and tie two centimeters of gum. That's it, the product is ready. And you probably could make sure that the knitting pattern is very simple and perfect for beginners.

Lacy lobster sweater

For work, take yarn lobster color, the main part of which has a significant part of the cotton. Need also needles and a hook at number number 2.5 and two buttons.
The elastic is knitted alternately by alternating faces. And out. Loops. The pattern of the openwork pattern will be presented in the article. The knitted density of a cloth will make 29 points on 42 r. = 10 by 10 cm.
Knitting with knitting needles starts from the back. Type 88 p. And knit the main pattern. When you do 18 cm from the edge, cover from both sides for the armhole once for six n. After twenty-three centimeters, finish knitting the two sides separately. Having reached 30 cm, it is necessary to close in every second river. Fold for 11 points to round out the cutout. In thirty cm you can close all the buttonholes.
The front part is knit like a back, but only the throat is made deeper, namely close the central 18 sts in every second river. three times.
For the sleeve, dial 43 pcs. And knit three centimeters of a simple gum. In the last lane, make a uniform addition of eleven links. Then you will need a pattern of the main pattern, along which you should tie it with 33 r. On 44 p. To form the bevel of the sleeve, it will be necessary to add ten times on each side of the loop in each eighth river on both sides. When the workpiece reaches a length of 20 cm, you can finish knitting with knitting needles.

Assembly is the last thing that needs to be done. First, do the shoulder seams. Then using the hook, tie the neck with the pillars without the capes. You can associate one or more rows. After you finish knitting a sweater for a girl, moisten it and allow it to dry out. Only after this you can do fitting. In order to consolidate the theoretical course practically, we suggest that you look at the training video lesson.

Video: How to knit children's sweater

After the video material, you can use the examples of schemes for knitting original children's sweaters with different patterns.

Selection of schemes for knitting sweaters baby