Sweet candy bouquet - how to make it in 10 minutes! Master Classes

Sweet candy bouquet - how to make it in 10 minutes! Master Classes

If you want to make original bouquets ofsweets or sweets, no worse than florists, this review will help you. You will learn how to make beautiful and unusual bouquets. Unique master classes will tell you how to create sweet flowers with your own hands, step by step, even for beginners, which will be a wonderful gift or a wonderful decor for a festive interior. The content of the article:

Bouquet of cupcakes

So, try to use instead of traditionalflowers, delicious cupcakes. A cute bouquet of baked roses will be an incredible element of decor. Preparation consists of two stages. First you need to prepare the baked products, and then the decorative element. First, make chocolate muffins. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

  • 165 gr or 1/3 cup flour of soft varieties;
  • ¼ teaspoon of soda;
  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder (baking powder);
  • 65 grams or ¾ cup of cocoa powder;
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt;
  • 3 tablespoons butter;
  • 300 grams of sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • ¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract;
  • 240 ml of milk.

Cooking Instructions:

  • The oven should be heated to 180 degrees. For baking, special cake molds with pre-laid food paper are used.
  • Dry ingredients - cocoa, salt, soda, baking powder and flour should be mixed. Then, in a separate container and beat sugar and butter. Then add the eggs.
  • After that, put the vanilla. Then the dry mix and milk is added.

ATTENTION: The molds should be ¾ filled with dough. Cupcakes need to bake for 15 minutes. Frozen pastries can be coated with icing. Now we will collect a sweet bouquet with our own hands. For the preparation of the need to prepare such materials:

  • Pot of clay.
  • The ball of foam, which should fit in a pot.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Roses from the cream.
  • Step-by-step instruction:

    • Put a foam ball in the pot.
    • Kapkeyki pre-decorate with roses from the cream. For this you can use a pastry syringe.
    • Then stick a toothpick into each piece and insert muffins into the foam ball.

    ATTENTION: Beautiful cupcakes should completely cover the surface of the ball. Exquisite gift with delicious flowers is ready.

    Bouquet of marmalade (marshmallow)

    I offer you a simple master class for creating an original bouquet of marmalade. Edible will appeal to mom or girlfriend. The following components will be needed:

    • 15 pink marshmallows;
    • 3 plain white marshmallows or marshmallows;
    • bamboo skewers;
    • edible shine;
    • icing for decoration;
    • a cup of water and a ceramic pot;
    • decorative ribbons;
    • small block of foam;
    • napkin green.

    Now consider step-by-step photos with actions in the master class:

  • Whip the frosting and set aside in the bag.
  • Skewers need to put in the water.
  • Then the skewers are inserted in white marshmallows, and then in pink.
  • The remaining pink jelly beans are attached to white with the help of glaze. Around the white marshmallow must be placed on the five pink elements to make a flower.
  • Decorate each flower with icing and sprinkle with edible shine. The product should dry for 5 hours.
  • Decorate each stalk skewer with a green ribbon.
  • Now place the flowers in the pot:

  • Cut a piece of foam to fit in the pot.
  • Wrap a block of green cloth and immediately make holes for skewers.
  • Then insert flower skewers into the block, and place the foam in a pot.
  • TIP: To keep the product for a long time. Wet skewers can be wrapped in cellophane. In a cool place, the bouquet will last a long time.

    Bouquet of Chupo Chups and Corrugated Paper

    Now we learn how to make a bouquet of candychupo-chupsov. This is an excellent solution for a pleasant presentation. Perhaps the idea is useful for the New Year holidays or how. You can make a whole bouquet or use individual flowers. Products will be stored much longer than real plants. For the manufacture will need sets of corrugated paper, cardboard, straw paper, candy and scissors. The process of creating a bouquet includes the following steps: An unusual bouquet of chocolates can be assembled from chupo-chups of different colors with your own hands. Cut a rectangle from colored cardboard. Make cuts on one side to make a fringe.

  • Wrap the fringe around the choupo chups. Fix the decor.
  • Cut out squares from corrugated paper. Then fold it several times.
  • Cut the product in an arc. It will be a petal.
  • Make a hole in the center and stick a stick of candy there. Spin the paper around the stem.
  • Cut another petal of paper of a different color and add the outer layer of the petals.
  • Put the straw on top of the stem of the choupo chups.
  • Here are other examples and ideas in different colors.

    Sweet Marshmallow Tree

    An interesting master class for beginners will help create a luxurious holiday tree that is suitable for a wedding celebration or as a New Year's gift. Prepare the following components:

    • floristic foam;
    • a thick skewer or a wooden spoon;
    • flower pot or bucket;
    • 500 grams of Parisian plaster;
    • 250 ml of water;
    • beaker;
    • spoon;
    • melting candy or chocolate;
    • marshmallows;
    • artificial moss;
    • ribbon for decoration;
    • scissors.

    If instead of marshmallow, sweets are used in a wrapper, they can be fastened to the ball with a glue gun. So, we make a bouquet of sweets with our own hands, using a step-by-step photo. Step one: Insert the tip of the skewer or spoon gently into the foam ball. Step Two Measure out 500 grams of special gypsum and 250 ml of water. Stir the mixture. Step Three Finished plaster needs to be poured into a pot or into a bucket. This mixture should be thoroughly washed from hands and other objects. Step Four After a couple of minutes, insert the second end of the spoon or skewer into the curing mixture. It is necessary to leave the composition for half an hour to set. Step five Melt chocolate or sweets in the microwave. Step Six Spread the melted chocolate on the surface of the ball, and then distribute the marshmallows. Step Seven At the bottom when sticking marshmallows you need to hold for some time so that they do not fall. Step Eight Take a beautiful thin ribbon and wrap it around the trunk - the cap or the skewer. Fix the decor to the top. Step Nine Make a beautiful bow from a wide piece of ribbon and attach it to the trunk. From above attach a beautiful brooch. Step Ten Cover the plaster in a pot with artificial moss. That's all, the original bouquet of sweets is ready. The product can be added with a beautiful decor. These can be flowers for decorating a pot or even strings of pearls. TIP: Vintage style décor involves the use of mirror plates. ATTENTION: Remember that Parisian plaster heats up strongly when it seizes, so be careful not to burn your hands.

    Bouquet of sneakers chocolate

    Let's try to make unique Christmas bouquets ofsweets Chocolate compositions will be a pleasant surprise and will give you a lot of positive emotions. With the help of unusual homemade gifts you can cheer up your loved ones and express your feelings for them. Personalized gift is a composition of sneakers. This is the perfect option for all lovers of sweets. To create such a present you will need the following components:

    • standard sized bars and small items;
    • empty tin can;
    • flower foam;
    • wooden skewers;
    • Glue gun;
    • red ribbon for decor;
    • red bow;
    • scissors.

    Manufacturing procedure:

  • Take an empty tin can and a block of floral foam. Instead of foam, you can use polystyrene foam. Cut the foam to the size of the jar so that it fits snugly against the container.
  • Prepare standard sized bars. Using a glue gun attach candy to the surface of the jar. Sweets should cover the jar completely. There should be no gaps between the tiles. This will be a chocolate vase.
  • Then take the little chocolates and skewers. Candy should be attached back to the skewers with a glue gun.
  • Tie red ribbons around each skewer.
  • Place the chocolates in a chocolate vase. Tiles should be placed in the center of the composition in the form of a fan. In the central row skewers-petals should be located above the rest.
  • Then you need to put the second row, which should be placed below the center. After that, the lowest row is set.
  • The bouquet is almost ready. You can perform additional decoration to mask the wooden stalks. This can be done with the help of ribbons or with the use of tissue paper. Red paper or cellophane should be cut into squares. Then roll the pieces in the form of cones, which fasten around the green sticks. Finished flowers should be inserted foam at the edges of the container. To make the bouquet look beautiful and behind you need to razzestit a few candy flowers in this part. Beautiful composition is ready. Creativity and a little effort will allowcreate custom delicious surprises that will especially delight the sweet tooth. I hope you find this article useful and you will be able to independently prepare amazing and unusual gifts for festive occasions.