Napkins for decoupage and their application in work (photo)

Napkins for decoupage and their application in work (photo)


Before you master the technique of decoupage, you needFind out what materials are made of such needlework. We will start with napkins, as this is a classic version of decoupage and most beginners start their activities, namely with napkins. In general, decoupage is often referred to as "napkin technique."

Decoupage napkins and their use

Which to choose wipes
Eternal question arises from beginnersNeedlewomen, what napkins for decoupage, you can use and do. For example, if you take a simple three-layer wipes, which can be purchased at any store. They are sold in packs. And if you try, you can buy napkins, with a really beautiful ornament, especially before the New Year or in
. The biggest plus, these packages,Insignificant cost. Well, a minus is a small selection of different specimens. It is necessary to be extremely careful, before buying a set of napkins for decoupage. On the sides of the package, there are beautiful napkins with a pattern, and in the middle, sometimes there is any nonsense, which is not suitable for decoupage.
Many beginning masters, often, ariseA question about some perforated edges. Do not be afraid that they are poorly leveled. During wetting, such edges, perfectly diverge on any surface.

Paper handkerchiefs that have four layers are also purchased in stores. And they have the same pluses and minuses as the napkins described above in the text.
Separate line, you should write about decontaminating napkins, which are available in the store for creativity, in a wide range. They are sold on a piece, in which also, three layers of paper.
For beginners lovers of decoupage, it will be interesting to know that decoupage napkins are sold with a wide variety of drawings. From them, eyes flutter, and I want to buy all the copies at once.
For those who travel abroad, it will be cheaper to bring decapitation napkins from there. The choice is huge, and the prices are much lower.
Single-layer wipes are also used in the work. They are glued on their own hands, in this way, like multilayer ones. The only drawback is the small selection of beautiful ornaments.
Different properties of napkins
After the bundle, the napkin becomes veryThin, so that it does not break with your own hands, you need to do accurate movements. Most people who are just beginning to engage in such creativity, tear the napkin at the initial stage of its gluing. It's not scary, because, it easily merges with any surface, after applying several layers of varnish. Thick
, Merge longer and make it harder.
In order to apply a napkin to anyMaterial, without forming a fold, it is better to use a simple office file. With it, you can, stretch the paper yourself and avoid wrinkles.
When you do decoupage of napkins with your own hands,Paper takes the color of the background on which it is pasted. When smeared with glue, it becomes almost transparent consistency and begins to glow. But, if you apply, before it a primer or white acrylic paint, the image will become clear and bright. And, if you wanted to glue a napkin on a saturated surface, then it will take this color and lose its pattern, which will become a faded shade.

Style Provence in the decoration of objects

Presented a master class with photos and videos,Will demonstrate how to make a box for spices in the style of Provence, which will take possession, a decent space in the kitchen, as a piece of decor, and not only. In this work, elements
, Which is very simple.
Here is a list of accessories that will be useful in this master class, namely:

  • Wooden box;
  • White acrylic paint;
  • decoupage glue;
  • decoupage lacquer;
  • decoupage napkins;
  • A piece of polymer clay;
  • brush.

First and foremost, the master class, suggests making a primer on the workpiece, as demonstrated in the photo.

Take a piece of napkins and cut them outWith their own hands, suitable individual elements that will fit in the process of making crafts, in the style of Provence. We exfoliate a napkin and make decoupage, known in every way. This option can be viewed from the video. Glue the pattern on the surface, as shown in the photo. Do all the actions with neat movements, and cut off excess paper with scissors. Cut out the individual elements that will be made by volumetric decoupage.

So far, the primary process has been drying up, a master class,Begins work with a polymer clay, which is pleasant to the touch, and most importantly takes the form of the subject that you have conceived. Glue the clay craft with super glue.

Now, we make decoupage on clay and we correctThose places on it that did not have time to dry out, giving them an even relief. See that the clay image looked natural and not too prominent against the background of the whole workpiece, but was smoother. Glue yourself with napkins on those places that have become convex. As a result, we get a beautiful three-dimensional image.

The master class recommends the use in the style of Provence, acrylic lacquer. And for decoration, you can make a straw decoration. To select some elements, cover them with 3D lacquer, as indicated in the photo.

The box itself, also covered with soil and dried,And then, we put on it the necessary acrylic paint. At the moment, the master class, uses a bronze color. The same shade, you can do a little rubbing. The master class is completed. Look at the photo, it turned out such a wonderful box for spices, in the style of Provence.

For the kitchen in the style of Provence, you can useOnly boxes, but also cutting boards, utensils, jars, and also all other kitchen utensils. For this style, very close to the floral theme, reminiscent of French fields and vineyards. If you want to give your apartment a touch of European charm, then such decorative elements made in the style of Provence, just for you. On the Internet, you can find enough video material for beginners.

Video: We decorate crafts with napkins