Abstract on drawing (non-traditional ways) will help teach children to draw an autumn tree

Abstract on drawing (non-traditional ways) will help teach children to draw an autumn tree

Abstract on drawing (non-traditional ways) inthe middle group of the kindergarten on the theme "The image of the autumn tree" will help the educator to conduct an interesting lesson, to arouse the interest and desire of children, to consolidate the existing knowledge and to teach them to perform the drawing through non-traditional painting techniques. The purpose of the lesson is to teach children of preschool age to work on the image of the autumn tree in an unconventional way of drawing (using a tube for drinks), add details to the picture in the form of colorful leaves, grass and other elements that can enrich and saturate it. A task:

  • teach children to transfer on paper the structure (shape) of the trunk (with the help of a brush), the shape of branches having an ambiguous length (an unconventional drawing technique - the use of a tube for drinks);
  • to consolidate the acquired skills of image of leaves with vertically applied smears;
  • teach children to work with three colors when displaying foliage, characteristic of the autumn tree - orange, yellow and red;
  • help children improve various technical skills;
  • to develop imagination, imagination, perception;
  • to develop love for the environment, for nature and for the environment as a whole.

Materials and equipment for work: two small toy houses, bear cubs (two), the role of which can be performed by adults or older children. Also an easel is needed, prepared in advance for each child: brushes, paper, napkins, watercolor paints, non-spillweilers, juice straws. The preliminary stage of the creative process: the examination and study of trees that grow on the territory of a children's institution, the study of illustrations for the autumn theme. The study of the physical "Trees". Work progress There are pre-arranged toy houses on the table. There, next to the table, there are bear cubs, called Misha and Masha. The teacher asks the question to the cubs. Educator: Who owns these beautiful houses and who will live here? Tedders: My name is Masha, and me Misha. These amazing houses are ours, we were built and they are very beautiful, but we do not want to live in them at all. Educator: what do you dislike about them? Teddy bear: And you look how lonely they are. Near them trees do not grow, therefore here it is very empty and completely uncomfortable. You have so many different trees around here. Do you know what they are called? (Children start to call trees) Wow, how many and all different, and we do not have a single tree. Teacher: Do not be discouraged, cubs, we will all help you. Children now draw beautiful autumn trees and we will plant them near your new home, so that you will feel comfortable. Do you guys agree to help our cute cubs? (Children: Yes). Only we will work not in the usual way, but with the help of a special tube, from which you usually drink all sorts of drinks. Guys, let's take a close look at the picture with the image of the autumn landscape and figure out how to start painting? (Children: From the trunk) That's right. We will draw a tall and fairly straight barrel with a brush. On the brush, previously soaked in water, you gain a little more than the required amount of paint and draw an ordinary line (straight). What color will we use for this? (Children: Brown) So we got the trunk of our future tree. Abstract on drawing (non-traditional methods) in the middle group of a kindergarten on the theme "Image of an autumn tree". Photo №1 Educator: Children, look carefully, how do you think that now we need to finish our tree, so that it is like the present? Children: Branches. Tutor: All true - branches. During the drawing of the trunk, large enough droplets of paint appeared on it, which I will inflate with a tube for drinks in the direction in which it is needed. That's the way I do it (shows). Right before our eyes branches begin to grow. Abstract on drawing (non-traditional methods) in the middle group of a kindergarten on the theme "Image of an autumn tree". Photo # 2 Educator:Here we already have a tree in the picture. Guys, what do we need to do to make it fall? What color paint do we need to take to paint the leaves? (Children: red, yellow and orange). Such colorful bright, fiery leaves at this time of year shows us maple. So, I lower the brush into the water, and then into the yellow paint. On the branches we grow leaflets. To make them beautiful, I'll draw them as follows - I quickly apply the brush to the paper and just as quickly remove it from it, it turns out neat strokes or just small prints. Abstract on drawing (non-traditional methods) in the middle group of a kindergarten on the theme "Image of an autumn tree". Picture №3 Now I will clean the brush well and repeat all the sameAction with red paint and orange. Educator: What else can be near our tree such that we forgot to draw? Children: Mushrooms, grass. Educator: we will also draw a grass not with a brush, but with a tube. Put a small slash on the paper and inflate it. Abstract on drawing (non-traditional methods) in the middle group of a kindergarten on the theme "Image of an autumn tree". Photo №4 That's all. I drew a tree. Look, the drawing completely takes up a paper sheet without a residue, but does not go beyond it. Now you will draw your trees for our cubs. But first we need to stretch our fingers so that the work moves faster. Gymnastics for the fingers consists in a small rhyme, which the children repeat behind the tutor and accompany with the movement of the fingers and pens. Independent work Children sit down at their desks and begin the process of drawing. A pleasant light melody plays. In the process of the creative process, the educator helps with tips that suggest questions or actions, if someone with children does not understand something. The final stage of the lesson By the end of the lesson, the cubs are offered to go through and see the drawings of the children. And also decide which tree and where will grow. At the same time, children characterize each of their own. Educator: Thank you, guys. Now the cubs near their houses will have a real beautiful fairy forest. Tedders also say thank you guys, say goodbye and leave the room. Educator: Guys, what new information did you get in today's lesson? What kind of tree has such beautiful foliage in autumn (yellow, red and orange).