Cutlery on the wall: kitchen decor

Cutlery on the wall: kitchen decor

The question of the decor of the kitchen often puzzlesMasters doing repairs. The owners of a small kitchen try with the maximum efficiency to use every meter of space for furniture, shelves and household appliances, often ignoring the decorative design of walls and giving preference to functionality. Nevertheless, with a skilful approach and choosing furniture, even in the smallest space, it is possible to place everything necessary, leaving room for paintings and original decorative gizmos that will give the interior of the kitchen a style, individuality and coziness. Content:

  • Cutlery on a wall in a frame
  • Decorative large cutlery
  • Stickers with the image of cutlery
  • Pictures and posters with cutlery
  • Clocks and lamps from cutlery
  • As a rule, in a small kitchen the most suitableAnd a free place for decoration is a corner or wall above the dining table. You can choose any theme for registration, but still recommend to focus on topics related to food and beverages. Compositions, pictures and photos with delicious dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits or wine look in the interior of the kitchen very harmoniously, naturally, improve appetite and raise the general mood. We offer to see how it is interesting to use decorative and real cutlery on the wall, as well as their images for decorating the kitchen.

    Cutlery on a wall in a frame

    Perhaps you have vintage cutlery,Left by my grandmother as a legacy, Soviet aluminum spoons and forks, wooden ladles and other appliances that lie in a drawer and are never used. Any spoon, forks and knives of different shapes, sizes and epochs will perfectly suit the original decor of the dining room or kitchen. Think about what you would like to put on public display, make up the composition, play with the color solution of the background, baguette, different directions of devices. Cutlery on the wall Use a baguette for paintings, cardboard boxes withLow walls to frame and highlight the composition of cutlery. You can make a bright background of colored paper or mottled fabric or leave the surface of the wall. Cutlery on the wall in a frame Frames should not necessarily be rectangular. In many art shops and craft shops you can find a round baguette for paintings, as well as use round boxes of cookies, hats or even an ordinary wooden sieve. Cutlery in a round frame It looks interesting and the composition of spoons, forks,Attached directly to the wall without a frame. You can fasten cutlery with glue, double-sided scotch, small hooks, wire or screws. Wall decor composition of spoons A few more options for placing cutlery on the wall (click to view full size):

    Decorative large cutlery on the wall

    In addition to the usual spoons, forks and knives, you canUse decorative enlarged copies of cutlery. They can be purchased at auctions, in decor stores or ordered from masters. Giant spoons will be the main accent of the interior of the kitchen, so no need to overload space with small details and artistic elements. This decorating technique is good for spacious kitchens and dining rooms Large decorative cutlery on the wall Decorative large cutlery

    Stickers with the image of cutlery

    Use wall-papers or special stickers withThe image of cutlery, which can also be found and purchased on the Internet. Unlike real objects, images do not load space so much, which is useful for small areas. Cutlery Sticker - Kitchen Decor Other options with cutlery images on the kitchen wall: Wall-paper cutlery Cutlery Stickers Kitchen Sticker Wall Decor Sticker with chalk surface cutlery

    Pictures and posters with the image of cutlery

    A very popular and common way of decoratingThe walls of the kitchen, which is suitable for interiors of any style. Even in a miniature kitchen there is always room for an interesting picture in the frame, a poster, a small collage or even embroidery with a theme of kitchen utensils and cutlery. Poster in frame with cutlery Cutlery paintings on the wall

    Clocks and lamps from cutlery

    Spoons, forks, knives and other appliances can beUse as a material for useful and functional crafts for the kitchen. Make for usual hours a frame from cutlery. How to do this, we recommend reading in this article. Frame for a mirror with your own hands from cutlery And this model is factory-made, can be purchased at auctions ebay or AliExpress. Clock with cutlery Cutlery can be used as a decor for kitchen fixtures. You can see different variants of chandeliers from spoons and forks here. Chandelier from the spoons for the kitchen