A table or fingered theater Ryabka Ryab. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A table or fingered theater Ryabka Ryab. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

One of the first tales that tellchildren after they reach a few months, is the folk tale "Ryoka Chicken". Older children, already well visualizing a variety of subjects, will be very interested in theatrical staging of this work. To implement such an idea and staging at home the performance, you can create a puppet theater "Ryoka Chicken" yourself from various materials using popular techniques:

  • paper variant;
  • making figurines from felt;
  • theater with his hands out of felt;
  • creative process with foyamin;
  • theater crochet;
  • the creation of the characters from the salted dough.

Finger puppet theater

We use fameiran

MK sew the heroes of the fairy tale from the foaming step 1Gained great popularity in needleworkFoamiran is perfect for making figurines for a home puppet theater. This material has one very significant advantage - it does not need additional processing of the edges of the product. Therefore, solid figures or individual elements from it can be perfectly cut with sharp scissors. It is enough to print out or draw paper templates yourself. Cutted figurines are formed using silicone glue on well-known bamboo skewers. Inspired by the samples presented above, we can easily link such toys ourselves.

Salty dough

Figures of characters from puff pastryA successful material for creating fairy tale heroesis considered a salted dough. The table theater "Kurochka Ryaba" is recommended to create from it together with children, which is considered an excellent way of developing fine motor skills of the baby's hands. The baked milk salad is molded almost in the same way as from plasticine widely used in children's art. In addition, at the end of the creative process of sculpting and drying figurines of fairy-tale characters, a child can paint their own gouache or acrylic paints at his own discretion, which will give him considerable pleasure. The proposed ways of creating a puppet theater will interest and enthrall each family in the joint creative process.