Tablecloths embroidered ribbons in a master class (photo)

Tablecloths embroidered ribbons in a master class (photo)


Kitchen textiles from natural materials,It gives comfort home interior. Complementing embroidery tablecloths, you become the owner of a unique product, drawn up according to your taste. Try yourself in this needlework skilled worker can be anyone.

We do embroidery on tablecloths

Certainly in the house each family has a solid colortablecloth, so that t want to supplement an interesting pattern. Very nice embroidery ribbons look at material from flax tablecloth. If you do not have available a suitable material, select the fabric alone and get to work.
For the embroidery, you will need:

  • Natural materials (linen, cotton, calico);
  • backing material;
  • satin ribbons and bright shades of green;
  • lace;
  • dry pastels;
  • Decorative elements in the form of beads, beads or sequins;
  • sewing thread (white, green and brown);
  • needles;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • sewing machine.

One of the most unpretentious of patterns that can be
a sprig of roses. You can draw a diagram on paper with his own, and then move it to the material. The schematic design is applied in pencil. In the process of embroidery pencil contours disappear for ribbons.
For branch embroidery stitch used "back needle" brown threads in multiple additions.
The next step is taken and pounded dry pastel on paper. The resulting grit applied with a brush along the contours of the branches. This method allows you to add embroidery surround view.
Further embroidered roses. First thread made rays emanating from a common point, which add up to a kind of star. Total number of such beams mark the five pieces. The length of the element can be any depending on what size you choose to embroider the flower.
Prepare rays, you can start the embroidery roseon the tablecloth. Needle with a ribbon suitable shade passes about midway star then passed successively under each of the beams. Repeat these steps until you completely cover all the rays. As a result, you'll have a rosette. These roses embroider in random locations throughout the length of the branches.

Besides roses on the tablecloth can be embroidered buds. Needle with tape passes through the substrate and the ribbon to stick in a small space from the place where it enters the fabric.
Similarly embroidered foliage. Unopened petals of rose on both sides are covered with foliage.
To make the branch more natural look,sew needle thread green and roses serdtsevinku zatoniruyte using pastel yellow tint. As an added decoration, among the leaves sew sequins or beads.
At the final stage of embroidery tablecloths, ribbonsfixed on the wrong side. The material to iron and sew lining, in order to hide the underside of the embroidery. At the edge of the tablecloth sew delicate lace, and bows on the corners nasheyte of satin ribbon.

This tablecloth with embroidery will delight youhis grace more than one year. In addition, as a complement to it, try to embroider the same pattern on napkins and you have the original set home kitchen textiles.
The pattern of bands on the tablecloth

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