Tabletop concrete with their own hands: photos and instructions

Tabletop concrete with their own hands: photos and instructions

In the creation of interior design constantly appearssomething new, and the latest novelties were elements of concrete present in various furniture, especially in the kitchen or in the country. However, you should not be limited to a kitchen set, the coffee table in the living room with a concrete worktop will look very original and interesting. And to make such a tabletop is quite simple with your own hands, and to create it you do not need a lot of experience, almost anyone can make it, the main thing would be the desire. The content of the article:

The advantages of concrete

  • These countertops are simply not interchangeable for country furniture: do not get wet, do not deteriorate!
  • , it is enough to cover the worn table with it - and you will get a super modern item.
  • For the kitchen - they do not deteriorate and are very durable!
  • Instruments

    In order to make a coffee table with a rectangular concrete tabletop, we need:

    • Wooden boards.
    • Wire mesh to reinforce concrete.
    • A piece of 1/2-inch chipboard or plywood to make the desired shape.
    • Drywall
    • Screws.
    • Pneumatic nailer, in order to attach the sides to the bottom panel.
    • Large plastic container for mixing cement.

    Instructions for making countertops

    Step 1: We make a box Regardless of what size and shape the table top will be, the wire mesh should be two inches less in width and height than chipboard or plywood panels. We make a box of the shape and size we need from panels and plasterboard. Once the workpiece is fully prepared, you can proceed with the mixing of concrete. Step 2: Fill the concrete

  • In a plastic container, knead the cement, for this you can use an ordinary spade, which you need to thoroughly mix the mixture.
  • After that, gently pour the concrete into the mold to half, distributing it at the corners.
  • Cover the mixture with a wire mesh and thenfill the form to the top so that the mixture protrudes slightly from the top. This is done to make it easier to level the surface and make it smooth, for this purpose it is best to use a spatula.
  • TIP: After that, you need to leave the form for a few days to completely dry the cement. Step 3: Grinding After that you need to remove from the surface of the mold and sand. In order to smooth the countertop, 120 grit sandpaper is well suited. Then you need to wipe the surface well with a sponge, roller brush or soft cloth. If you do not want to cover the surface of the coffee table with anything, then it is best to treat the countertop with concrete sealant, then it will look very nice and more practical. Step 4: Fasten the tabletop to the legs

  • After the upper part of the coffee table is completely ready, you can use absolutely any basis.
  • A very beautiful and practical option would be such a table on wooden legs on wheels, so that it can be easily moved.
  • Fastening the table top to the legs is done with liquid nails or silicone glue.
  • Such an original concrete table will become a real decoration of home decor and will make the interior irresistible.

    Ideas and photos of concrete countertops and tables

    With a flowerbed in the middle. To give a great option - when pouring concrete leave a chute where you can plant flowers. It looks very amazing. How to ease the design

  • Ideal and a great idea - leave a hole in the middle and make a glass tab. To do this, cut out the chute for the glass tab.
  • Also put a concrete countertop on the legs with wheels - this is especially appropriate for coffee tables, which often have to be moved.
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