Crochet hook with a three-dimensional rose

Crochet hook with a three-dimensional rose

Pothaking is very beautiful, tie this anduse it for hot will be a real blasphemy. So most likely such a beautiful tack, crochet will serve as a decoration in your kitchen. For knitting, you will need: a yarn of three colors (red, green and white) and a hook of the appropriate size. Crochet hook, job description

  • according to scheme 1, tie the front part of the tack in green to the row marked in red. In the last row, change the thread to white.
  • according to the scheme 2, connect the second part of the stitch of the yarn of white color.
  • according to the scheme 3, connect the central flower of the yarn of red color and sew to the front part of the pothole in the center.
  • fold together the front and back parts of the potholder and tie the red yarn together the last row according to pattern 1.

Crochet hook ready! . Crochet hook, schematic: