Crochet hook

Crochet hook

We continue to knit the crochet hook. ? If you happen to be on the page for the search sample, welcome to the first part of the lesson: And if you are in the right direction, welcome to the continuation of the lesson! ? 14. And now we need to take a very careful look at the loop, for which we will hang the tack. It is advisable, when making a chain of air loops, to put a tack on the table, so that the loop does not twist. We execute a chain of air loops, the size of which corresponds to the tackle loop. The number of loops must be odd. I have 35 loops 15. After completing the chain, pick up the tack, but you need to turn it to yourself already with a green side so that the chain does not twist. Count the number of loops from the central bend to the beginning of the chain and measure the same amount in the opposite side from the corner. We send a column without a crochet 16. Check that all the loops of the chain are facing away from you; not twisted 17. Rotate the hold on the pink side. Bending the loop of the chain, we perform two half-columns (connecting bars) 18. In the next three loops of the chain, we perform three unfinished columns with one crochet and close them with one vertex. In other words 19. Remove the loop from the hook, we hook the hook into the center loop of the corner, again we put the loop on the hook and extend it through the center of the corner 20. We continue to knit a little further down the center of the chain. I tied 6 posts with one crochet 21. Two in the next loop 22. We continue knitting - a column with one crochet in each loop to the center loop. I have 7 posts 23. 6 columns with one crochet in the central loop 24. In reverse order we sew the reverse side of the loop. The last three bars knitted together fixed on the central loop repeating paragraph 19. We make an additional loop and cutting the thread at a distance of 15 cm pull it 25. Using the needle to hide the tails of the threads 26. We get a stitch with this loop. For greater stability of the loop, fasten a few stitches of the bow in the crosshair 27. And here is such an interesting lumen in the center? Great work! ? You tried to glory! Thank you for attention! See you at your new lessons! Distribution of knitting lessons for beginners: Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

Crochet hook - Part 2: 7 comments

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  • Kretz: That's great !!!
  • : Thank you! ? Have not tried it yet!
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  • gulnara: everything turned out, except for the loop. and did not understand how to knit it = ((
  • : Hello, Gulnara! Send a photo of the loop that did not work and try to figure out what the catch is!
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  • Katherine: I also did not understand how to make a loop. Although this problem was not understood before. in the beginning with 3 columns with a crochet sorted out, ceased to understand after them. six we just knit each in a loop, and then 2 in one loop, and after 7 more to the center, it's like!) and with the turn of the loop did not understand. I have two identical green squares.
  • Elena: I also have a misunderstanding with the loop, from the 17th point, I started to make and dismiss it, everything is not something that turns out
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