Tea house decoupage: kitchen work by own hands

Tea house decoupage: kitchen work by own hands


Virtually every hostess, adores differentTrifles that please the eye in the kitchen. Decoupage of the tea house, this is the very thing that will pay attention to yourself, before you start drinking tea. Such an article, in the style of decoupage, will be to your liking, any guest.
The master class onDecoupage, and he will not alone, teach you how to recreate the decor of a tea house, in the style of decoupage. This technique is designed to make simple things more voluminous.

Tea House Decor

This master class begins with the selection of materials that are needed in order to make a wonderful hand-crafted item in the kitchen. So, we need:

  • Wooden elements of the house;
  • Acrylic paste;
  • palette knife;
  • Acrylic paints, the required palette;
  • Decoupage maps with a picture of the house;
  • lacquer;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • stencil;
  • Decoupage glue.

The first thing to do with your own hands, priming the entire surface of a wooden house.

From the decoupage map, it is necessary to cut out the necessary details of the house, namely the balcony, windows, doors, etc.

Step by step, we begin to glue the drawings, to the places that are necessary. They fill only the middle.

To give some elements a dimension, you need to place a relief paste under the edges that are not pasted. In this, a palette knife will help you. They easily form the edges, and then glue.

On some sections of the house, there must be a brick effect that is easy to make, all the same with a palette knife. And the contours of bricks are made by a toothpick or a match.

Roof tiles, too, is very simple. In this case, you only need a stencil and a relief paste.

Now, mix a few shades of paint in order to choose the color that should be on the main motif.

Draw with your own hands, the tea house in the appropriate colors, with the drawing of all the natural elements, namely greenery.

Those elements that are missing, you can finishWith his own hand. Let it be a lantern hanging under the roof of the house. And also, do not forget about the masonry under the house, which should be marked. After that, it remains only to add cracks on all the walls.

The roof, which during this time, had time to dry, should also be painted with acrylic paint, preferably red.

The natural tree that was left insideHouse, remains untouched. Darken the shingles of the dark umber, to give it a more natural look. Still paint the glare, on different details of the structure.

Using 3D gel, paint the lantern and the window of the house, as in the photo. After that, the windows will reflect the light.

We finish the master class by spraying a can of varnish over a tea house. Now, the decoupage of the tea house, is completely ready, with your own hands.

Such a tea house, as in the photo, which was created inStyle decoupage, will take pride of place on the table during a tea party. Also, it can be presented to your relatives, who will definitely appreciate it. In detail, this master class, you can watch the video.

House for tea with their own hands

To create such a tea house made of wood, in the style of decoupage, you will need such accessories:

  • Wooden elements of the house;
  • A napkin with a pattern;
  • Acrylic primer;
  • Multicolored acrylic paints;
  • bitumen;
  • PVA glue;
  • candle;
  • lacquer;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • Bones, scotch tape, file with a stencil.

The first thing you need to do is repeat thisMaster class on decoupage, it plastered with sandpaper, all sides of the tea house. It is necessary to remove all irregularities or flaws in order to make the surface as smooth as possible. After that, the tree is covered with acrylic primer.

If you do not decorate the insideCrafts, then primed it, there is no need. After the subsoil has dried a little, go through it again with sandpaper. In order to make the effect of antiquity, those places on which the abrasion will be painted with acrylic paint. A little later, the paint will come through the main color of the house and give it the appearance of an ancient estate.

Then, when the paint dries, selectively, grind some parts, a simple wax candle, as in the photo.

The main color of the craft, will be blue, we paint it completely.

Wait until the turquoise shade dries, and then, the fragments that were rubbed with a candle, processed with hard paper, making the effect of rubbing.

A fragment of the picture depicted on a napkin,Will be large-scale. Therefore, in order to paste it without folds, we will need a clerical file. Lay on it a napkin, the front part down, pre-laminating it into parts. In the center of the picture, in a thin trickle, pour water.

Evenly distribute the napkin with your own hands,On the whole plane of the file, thus getting rid of the excess air that has accumulated. Attach such a workpiece to the side of the future tea house, smoothing, press the image. Gentle movements, remove the file. Do not wait, when everything dries, immediately apply PVA glue.

While the construction dries, let's get on the roof. After its priming and staining in a darker shade, mark it on the stripes, using a matte adhesive tape. Then, cover it all, with facet lacquer, after it dries, it will give art cracks that will mimic an old house.

On the front part of the craft, using a stencil, put an English word, in translation meaning tea, as in the photo.

All corners and convex parts of the tea house,We smear with bitumen. We wait for its drying, and then, we process the whole surface with acrylic lacquer. This work and the master class are successfully completed. Now, you can use such a house, in the style of decoupage, for tea bags. If you do not have time to work through all the steps, look at the master class on decoupage, again on the video, which can be found on the Internet.

Video: Tea house decoration