Teach to create educational and other crafts from clay with the hands of kids

Teach to create educational and other crafts from clay with the hands of kids

Children's crafts made of plasticine with their own hands - thisone of the most common forms of creativity in both kindergarten and at home with parents. He promotes the child's knowledge of the world, the development of fine motor skills, develops creative abilities. Depending on the age, the complexity of the craft is chosen. Plasticine is a pliable and light material that allows you to do almost anything. And if you show ingenuity, then in the process of creativity, you can give the child new knowledge, learn the alphabet and much more. The main thing is to properly prepare the place of work. The table needs to be covered with paper and oilcloth. The chair should be comfortable and with a back. Thus, the child will be able to work and relax at the same time.Children's crafts made of plasticine with their own hands. Photo №1Teaching children's handicrafts with their own hands allowwithout much effort to give the baby new information in the game. Such an amazing craftsmanship can be letters (or figures) from plasticine and pasta. This is not only an exciting activity, but an excellent tutorial that works better than any cards or video lessons. For the manufacture of this alphabet we will only need:

  • plasticine of any color you like (you can use several colors in one letter);
  • figured pasta;
  • colored cardboard.

Take a sheet of cardboard and plasticine of any color, heshould be soft and bright. We form sausages from plasticine and stick them to the cardboard in the form of the desired letter. From above on plasticine we make macaroni. You can use pasta of any shape: spirals, ringlets, shells. The child will like the very process of making the product, and, resulting from his efforts, the letter. He will remember it for sure. By this principle, you can do any craft. Variants of plasticine-macaroni products, see the photo.Children's crafts made of plasticine with their own hands. Photo # 2The technique of molding from this material is simple andfascinating. It is very easy to do with the child the simplest crafts. Snowman, snail, bird or pig - all this baby with pleasure will make his own. Initially, you do not need to overcomplicate the task too much. It is enough to teach how to make balls and sausages. Of the several colored small plasticine balls, you will get a wonderful colorful caterpillar. From sausages it is possible to form flowers. Over time, you can go to more complex sculptures. The modern market offers a huge number of types of plasticine. One of these novelties is ball clay. It is a foam ball of various shades, which are connected together by gel or glycerin. Balls can have different volume. From such a plasticine mass, you can make flat and voluminous crafts, decorate toys or other products created with your own hands.Children's crafts made of plasticine with their own hands. Picture №3Crafts for children from plasticine usingother materials When molding from plasticine, a child can use other material: bumps, acorns, nuts, cereals, beads, buttons and much more. This technique is especially important in the manufacture of various animals or birds.Children's crafts made of plasticine with their own hands. Photo №4You can come up with a lot of interesting crafts andto create with your children and yourself for joy. The result will surprise you. And even if something at the kid or at you and does not turn out, the received pleasure from teamwork compensates this small lack.