The technique of felting toys from wool and felt / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The technique of felting toys from wool and felt / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Felting is a very fashionable and fascinating occupation. To make this way a toy made of wool is quite fast. Do not need a lot of material and tools, special skills and great perseverance - you can interrupt and continue the session any minute. felting techniqueWool - natural, very soft and pliableclay-like material. Thanks to its wolf - ability it is possible to come up and easily make very beautiful toys of various sizes and configurations. felting techniqueThe technique of felting is difficult for beginners only. And soon after mastering the techniques and creating the first simple doll or a cute, funny little animal, many are already able to do almost sculptural things. To produce toys, as well as all kinds of other products, two completely different felting techniques are used: dry and wet. The choice is determined by the author's idea. Often masters combine technology, making different parts of one model. For the manufacture of toys, mainly dry technique is used.

Materials for felting toys

igrushki-valaynie-006With both ways of felting, we need:

  • Strained wool of different shades.

Today it is on the shelves of all artisticshops. Masters choose a delicate and delicate, her wool should be easy to mate with each other. How is fiber quality checked? It is necessary to put a piece in the palm of your hand and rub it with your fingers in a circle. Wool is suitable for felting, if it quickly becomes a single mass. For beginners, felting wool will perfectly suit the wool of Russian factories, produced in the form of a combed ribbon. Good and wool skeins of German production, with a rich color palette.

  • Wire for the frame.

The inner frame is used when they want to make a flexible craft. It also increases the strength of the product, helps to save wool when creating a large toy.

  • Synthepon.

It is inserted inside the product to save wool when making bulk articles.

Dry felting toys (folding)

igrushki-valaynie-011Dry felting - the method of sealing the hair with needles with a notch. This technique is used to "sculpt" small intricate shapes and figures, but instead of clay and plasticine take wool. For work you need:

  • Set of steel needles with notches.

Long, thickened needles are used at the beginningwork, then go to the middle, and when smoothing the surface - to thin and short. In practice, there are numbers from 19 to 42. The universal is considered a needle with a stellate section number 38. It penetrates deeply, but is also suitable for surface treatment when applying parts. It would be necessary to have a spare set of needles and an applicator with several needles, speeding up the processing of the toy.

  • Foam sponge thickness not less than 3 centimeters or brush for felt.
  • Kalka, cardboard for stencils, pins with heads, copy paper, pencil, acrylic paints, transparent glue, beads, buttons and other for decoration.

Dry felting is a "rational" occupation, requiringaccuracy and control over movements. For beginners, there is a danger of seriously damaging your finger with a sharp needle with notches or breaking it yourself by imprudence. felting techniqueIn the photo master-kalass Elena Smirnova ( There are general principles and stages of dry felting of all toys:

  • From the twisted bundle of wool form the basic shape of the object.
  • Then, if, for example, they decided to make an animal, the muzzle is "sculpted".
  • Then repeatedly piercing it is necessary to make deepening-orbit and mouth.
  • Ears form on a sponge in the form of a thin felt from identical bundles of wool.
  • By joining the parts, the seams are closed with the help of wool, fluffed along their edges in the attachment point.
  • You also need to make the blanks of the rest of the toy (tail, legs, horns).
  • Carefully paste in the eye sockets beads, where one side with a hole hides, and the other is visible as a pupil.
  • Then the "sprocket" No. 38 needs to grind the surface of the toy, filling the flaws with the addition of wool.
  • To complete the image, the thing is decorated according to the idea.

felting techniqueThe first product of beginners often becomesprimitive caterpillar. She is practicing skills, stuffing her hand, learning to select the volume of shreds, making details of the same diameter. Decorating the head of the caterpillar, the pieces are joined by a thick thread or a strong thin cord.

Wet felting of toys (felting)

Craftsmanship of felt toys is rareuse for their work another technique of felting - wet. This method requires intuition and creative imagination. Beginners of the product may turn out partly not as planned. Complexities with proportions appear, toys may suddenly collapse or may not please the author with their beauty. But the wet technique is simply invaluable in the creation of children's toys - they are extraordinarily beautiful and soft, and they can be safely washed in any way. Wet Felting TechniqueFor wet felting, you can use not onlyfine fur, but also rather coarse (ostevoy, camel, short, unpainted sipper, stiff, angora and mohair and others). Preparation for wet feltingWorking, in addition to wool, wire and decor, you need a few things:

  • Hot water. Many use boiled.
  • Soap for felting, and you can and baby.
  • Special rug of corrugated rubber or bamboo. A piece of carpet or polyethylene bubble wrap for packaging is also suitable for felting.
  • Table with water resistant work surface.

A place to work is picked up, given that water will always be needed. For beginners, it is better to bring a table to the kitchen or use the existing one.

  • Not a rigid mesh.
  • Hand towels for collecting water under the table.
  • Pulverizer, scotch, scissors, wooden rolling pin, ruler, marker, thin gloves.

Wool at this method of felting unfoldslayers, mostly crosswise, on the surface corresponding to the shape of the product, soaked through with a soap solution, cover not with a rigid mesh and wipe with hands. Periodically, the grid is lifted so that the wool can not fall to it. The material is stroked lightly, then the pressure is increased. Alkaline environment and hand movements lead to the fact that woolen fibers tightly weave and fall into felt. valanie-igrushek-mokroe-2To test the readiness of felt is sufficientpull a few fingers with your fingers. If the other wool does not rise after that, the felt is ready. The sequence of operations in this felting technique is the same as for the dry one. First you need to make the basic detail of the toy, then it is attached to smaller ones. But with soap and water, you can play, with the exception of small ones, much larger objects. They use wali more often to create objects of everyday life, clothing, jewelry, hats, shoes, panels, paintings - expensive and meaningful things. Today, souvenirs made of felt, thematically decorated, are becoming very popular. felting techniqueFor beginners, the builders will approach the creation of wetthe technique of toys on hand, for example, a fox. Such dolls and animals are convenient and practical for a home puppet theater. The product is created using a pattern inserted between the layers. At the ready of felt, the toy is cut at the bottom edge and put on hand. Master class on the wet felting of Santa Claus: Large pieces of felt are rolled in the form of a roll with a rolling pin. When making large products use a frame, sew a sintepon. To accelerate felt formation, a roller massager and even a vibration grinder are used - there is no limit to human ingenuity. The main thing is that such work diversifies life and always brings joy. valanie-igrushek-mokroe-3Felting of toys and other things of wool - onefrom inspiring types of creativity, accessible to almost everyone. The Welshmen come to this art in many different ways. As a result, some create designer things for themselves and their relatives, train children and rally this family. Other hobbies turn into a fairly good income in difficult times. Still others are eager to share their skills with all those who wish and to tell the world about themselves. igrushki-valaynie-008The most pleasant thing is that the house or a children's corner is decorated with exclusive toys and other handicrafts, reflecting the inner world, as well as the character of the hostess and her family.