Technique of a quilling flower "Fantasy" with their own hands - a master class

Technique of a quilling flower "Fantasy" with their own hands - a master class

The technique of "floral fantasy" will allow you to createan incredible gift, or decorate the interior with a postcard. The idea is simple - you just need to form small rolls of rolls, straighten them and get modules that will later become part of one composition - "flower fantasy". The work will use the usual elements of the database and certain materials: Quilling flower technique Materials for work

  • Paper for a paisley, color
  • Strips of quilling in a width of 3 millimeters and a length of 30 centimeters
  • PVA-adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Stencil ruler
  • The frame for the composition in the size of 10 by 15 centimeters

Quilling flower technique Quilling flower technique Creation of the core In the middle of the first flowerwe must form two rolls (tight). One strip will be green, the second will be one whole for green, and also half of a white strip. Roll a little press and give it an oval shape, glue the rolls. Formation of petals Quilling flower technique Quilling flower technique To form petals, you need to make 2Roll on two strips, each red color and bloom in diameter up to 17 millimeters. 2 roll also in pink, a strip of each of the same color at a diameter of 15 millimeters. Also two rolls of pink color in diameter on 12 millimeters and 4 rolls in a light pink shade on half of a strip in everyone - diameter on 8 millimeters. The spiral must be shaped as required. Completion of work on the flower Quilling flower technique Next, we need to glue our parts together to form a flower, then we glue the stem. Quilling flower technique We make two more flowers. For them, we have to roll rolls in pink for one strip and red and a half for the other. To dissolve on a ruler to diameter on 14 millimeters, to give the necessary variant of the form. In order to form a sheet, it is necessary to make a center in diameter by 15 millimeters and to make out external leaves in diameter by 8 millimeters. Quilling flower technique Also, you need to make branches. They consist of small rolls per quarter of the strip. After, it is necessary to cut out the pastel colors of the rectangle from the paper into the size of the frame. We fix our object in the frame and begin to glue together the future elements of our drawing. First we add the basic elements, then we work on the details of the picture. Quilling flower technique The composition with fantasy flowers is completely ready!