Installation of stretch ceiling and its maintenance

Installation of stretch ceiling and its maintenance

Stretch ceiling fabric made of filmPVC, is prepared individually for each room, while its dimensions are somewhat smaller than the actual dimensions of the room. This is done so that after installation the ceiling is tightened. The canvas is welded from several pieces of film, which is supplied in rolls approximately one and a half meters wide. And installation of a stretch ceiling is made as follows. installation of stretch ceilinginstallation for heating film stretch ceiling

Installation of stretch ceiling

Before installing the panel, the room is heatedup to + 40C, then, continuing heating, unfold the fabric folded in the factory. When the temperature rises to + 70 C, proceed to the installation of the canvas. It by this time becomes very soft and elastic and its dimensions now exceed the dimensions of the room. Using this, installers fill the material in pre-installed on the walls around the perimeter of the mounting baguettes. installation of stretch ceilings specialist AstaM installs stretch ceiling Very soon the temperature drops to normal,The film also cools and stretches. That's all - the stretch ceiling is ready. It is perfectly smooth, smooth and beautiful. So it will be for you at least fifty years. This is how much the first stretch structures installed in Europe have already served. installation of stretch ceiling

Care and maintenance of stretch ceiling

In the future, there is no caring for the canvasnecessity. Unless sometimes wipe it with a dry soft napkin. Dust does not stick to the ceiling, because the synthetic material does not accumulate static tension. Mold and fungus vinyl ceiling is also not scary. The thin film reacts instantly to all temperature jumps in the room, which means that there is no water condensation on it. Vinyl ceiling is able to restore its former appearance even after a serious flooding from above. The film is strong enough and at the same time elastic enough to withstand up to a hundred liters of water per square meter on the ceiling surface. Multiply the area of ​​your largest room by 1000 and get the number of liters that will reliably stop the stretch ceiling. The film simply stretches under the weight of water in the form of a huge bubble. It is not recommended to drain water separately. For years of work, the specialists of the Moscow factory have repeatedly seen the results of attempts by negligent owners to produce a drain through a small hole in the canvas. Under the weight of water, this hole instantly rips all the cloth, and the water continues its way down the floors of the house. When flooding, first of all, turn off the lights so that there is no short circuit, close the water at the top and call the master of the company that installed the ceiling. He knows more than one way of accurate draining, if necessary, he will dry both the canvas and the base ceiling. After the intervention of a specialist, there will be no traces of the accident. If there is not much water on the canvas, there is likely no cause for concern. If only the power network is safe, and the water will evaporate without a trace in a few days. By negligence on the ceiling can form a rush - someone slopped something inaccurately upward or when rubbing the canvas touched something sharp. Do not worry - the film will not burst, as in the case of water. In this situation, it is enough to temporarily seal the damage with adhesive tape and invite the master. He will find a way to carefully restore the canvas in the best possible way. The film ceilings have one small drawback. Like everything produced from polyvinyl chloride, the film is not resistant to low temperatures. For this reason, the area of ​​application of vinyl ceilings is limited to heated rooms. This is in our, Russian latitudes. It does not concern the subtropics. Among the advantages of film ceiling structures, in addition to the above, it should be specially noted:

  • a huge color palette

Usually, manufacturers of material offerseveral dozens of film colors. Large installers of stretch ceilings purchase materials and components from several manufacturers. Accordingly, they are always ready to offer about two hundred different films;

  • selection of material invoices

Matte, satin, metallic, glossy,suede, translucent film of one shade are visually perceived in different ways. This is used by great designers and ordinary customers to give their room a unique or habitually traditional look; The Moscow company Asta M offers a wide range of films. Lacquer, matte and satin material of economy class of Russian production worth 250-280 rubles per square meter is in great demand among the population.