The figure from the napkins on the birthday with their own hands: how to make a figure

The figure from the napkins on the birthday with their own hands: how to make a figure

The figure of birthday napkins A big number for your birthdayhands, is a gift that will be remembered for a long time. The interior of the festive room, decorated with such a figure, will undoubtedly win. And what wonderful photos can be made with such an unusual element of the room decor! Of course, ideally, the figure should be maintained in the same style as the entire festive decor, as well as the birthday man's attire. But if time allows you to do creative work of this kind, and the dress or costume has not yet been thought out, there is always a universal white color. Cheaply and relatively quickly, you can make a birthday figure out of napkins. Rather, the decor of the base will be made of ordinary table napkins. And if you, like me, decided to make a white number, there is nothing easier than buying two packs of napkins and setting to work. Later, just before the holiday, I additionally did.

To make such a figure on your birthday with your own hands, you will need:

thick packaging board of suitable size; 2packs of white table napkins (single ply); PVA glue; scissors; stationery knife; cutting mat; pencil; compass; ruler; protractor OR digit pattern; optional white acrylic paint for painting the back; paint brush or sponge; a small heavy object for crushing the numbers, if the cardboard is deformed, for example, a plate.

How to make a large volumetric figure from birthday napkins: the order of work

Basis Prepare the foundation. In its role serves a sheet of packaging cardboard, dense enough to not bend or deform under the weight of the decor figures. You can prepare a template: draw a number manually or print. We built the number 8 right on the cardboard. On a square piece of cardboard, we placed the figure diagonally so that it is larger. The size of the finished figure for the birthday was 63 centimeters. With the help of a pencil and a large ruler we draw a diagonal - the axis of our eight. How to make a figure out of cardboard and napkins: step by step photos We pretend how big the figure will be, andthe diagonal mark the beginning and end. Take the protractor, set aside from each mark of 90 degrees - and draw perpendiculars to the initial axis. So we outlined the boundaries of our numbers. Big numbers from napkins How to make numbers for birthday How to make a number for the child's birthday What's next? The eight are two rings whose borders intersect. On the axis of the eye put a mark that will divide our axis into two parts: belonging to the smaller and larger ring numbers. Also we postpone 90 degrees from the protractor mark and draw a perpendicular to the axis. Big numbers for birthday with their own hands Case for the compass. We pretend the size of each ring, open the compass to the desired radius, and boldly draw two intersecting circles. Got a contour of the eight. The figure of napkins step by step Bulk numbers for birthday from napkins How to make big numbers for birthday Now - from the same centers - two smaller circles: openings in eights. How to decorate the figure for the birthday By the way: The figures with a thin “canvas” do not look very nice. But you shouldn’t make too small holes either: the decor of napkins will deflect to the side of the hole and partly “eat” free space. Too small hole gives the risk of completely overshadowing her napkins. Shorten the bottom of the napkin slightly: make an even cut so that the eight can stand, leaning on the wall and not collapsing to the side. How to make numbers from napkins Cut out the number for the birthday decornapkins. For this, I used a stationery knife, but you can take scissors. If you are also more inclined to the knife, do not forget to put a special cutting mat under the cardboard. How to make a volumetric figure of napkins Since we make a figure from the packaging cardboard, I want to carefully disguise its origin. Cover the back of the figure with acrylic paint. I applied paint with a sponge, you can use a brush. Bulk cardboard figure for birthday One or two coats of paint is enough. Birthday cardboard box Under the influence of the paint, the center of my figure began to arch upward, and I pressed it against the fresh paint plate. Digit from a cardboard and napkins Decor of napkins for birthday figures: Preparation While the base dries out, you can begin to prepare napkins for decoration. Each napkin is laid out and laid on the table. Need a stack of 20 napkins. Big number for birthday According to the existing folds, we cut the stack into 4 parts. Bulk figure for birthday with your own hands In total, it took 140 napkins to stick the numbers. Now fold each piece of napkin. This is the longest and even meditative process, so I advise you to carry it out under a good movie. At first, I pressed the napkin on the marker, placed in the center. How to make a volumetric figure for a birthday Subsequently, she accelerated the process by placing a napkin on the palm folded in a “well” (remember the game “rock-paper-scissors”), and weaved the napkin inward into the hole. The same, but twice as fast. Birthday figure: master class Cut 20 napkins - this is a plastic basket filled to the top. The figure of napkins: master class I also glued the modules in several visits. Sliced ​​- washed - glued, and what you want. I advise you to start sticking with the holes in the center. At the same time, we carefully coat the hole with perimeter with glue and glue the modules with “paws” to the cut. Volumetric figure and napkins Bulk number for birthday How to make a figure from birthday napkins Life hacking: pour a few drops of glue on the body of the figures and smear them with a brush. This will greatly speed up the process. Applying glue to a point and also applying a dot to it then applying the modules is an extremely inefficient and tedious task. Modules fall on the glued area quickly and easily. So, step by step, gradually fill the entire figure 8 with paper modules. Leave the figure from the napkins for the birthday dry completely and please the birthday man with such an unusual surprise. How to make a figure out of napkins do it yourself How to make a birthday figure with your own hands How to make a figure from napkins The figure of napkins do it yourself How to make a number for birthday The figure of the birthday with their own hands Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: