The interior of a studio apartment of 35 sq.m - 45 photo designs

The interior of a studio apartment of 35 sq.m - 45 photo designs

Many are interested in the issue of how to equipthe interior of a one-room apartment of 35 sq. m, when it has a very small area - standard for panel houses .. A fairly popular dilemma, because not everyone can afford options for a house with a large area, but, of course, everyone would like to create the maximum coziness and comfortable atmosphere . One-room apartment interiorThe interior of a studio apartment is 35 sq.m. Content

Designer's tips for the interior of the apartment 35 sq.m

If you don’t know where to start, check outopinion of professionals in this regard. And so, these are the recommendations that designers give to create the interior of small one-room apartments up to 35 square meters.

  • The first and indisputable fact is the use of styleminimalism. This involves the acquisition of a minimum of things and furniture, as well as the selection of precisely such options that will be not only convenient, but also as functional as possible. Transformers will be popular furniture in this version. For example, a bed with a built-in table on which you can safely have breakfast or dinner. Thus, we will already free up some of the space in the room.
  • Minimalism in the interior of the roomMinimalism in the interior of a studio apartment of 35 m2

  • The second method is airiness and lightness of the room. The use of a mirror is perfect for this task, even with a small matte pattern.
  • To divide the space into the necessary zones(kitchen, living room, bedroom) we need conditional partitions. To do this, you can use drywall, lightweight fabric or shelving. For zoning the room, you can also use accent points, and highlight each of the zones with different color schemes.
  • Zoning spaceZoning of space in a studio apartment of 35 m2

  • Another of the main tasks that you need wellto think over is lighting. It is best to use the option of spotlights and separate illumination of each of the areas of the apartment. Thus, it will be quite convenient to use lighting, because when there is only one lamp in the room, the light is scattered and cannot fully cover all the necessary sections of your one-room apartment of 35 square meters.
  • In apartments with a small area (up to 35 m2) costscombine some objects. For example, a windowsill can serve as a bar. It will take up very little space, but it will look fantastic and functionally work.
  • Windowsill as a workplaceA window sill as a workplace in a small one-room apartment of 35 sq.m.

  • If we talk about color policy, then definitelyit should be light colors, preferably pastel shades. It's no secret that light colors conditionally expand the space and make it visually larger. Theoretically, you can use dark shades, but in moderation. It can be a dark floor and skirting boards, but definitely bright walls and a ceiling. The use of bright accents in a studio apartment up to 35 m2 is also welcome. You can emphasize the interior with bright accessories using colored curtains, pillows and small details.
  • Instead of large bulky cabinets thattake up a lot of space, use a sliding wardrobe, which can be purchased at the store, or made to order. It is recommended to use glass doors to make the room visually larger.
  • With an apartment height of 2.8-3 meters, you cancreate a unique thing in the form of a berth under the ceiling. This is not only unique in the sense that such an option is rare, and you will be original, but it also saves a significant area for the equipment of other zones. For example, under the ceiling you will have a bedroom, and from below you can make a working area where you can place a computer table and other necessary household items.
  • Instead of conventional swing doors, it is recommended to use folding or sliding options. They will look quite stylish and modern, but at the same time they will not “steal” the space.
  • Sliding doorsSliding doors for a small apartment of 35 sq.m.

  • The main rule for the design of premises that are nothave a lot of space, there will be a restriction on all unnecessary trash. Remember that the less small things you have at home, the more space will be created for your personal space. Avoid overloading with parts and dimensional things.
  • Coarse curtains or lambrequins are not recommended. It is better to buy minimalist Roman curtains or translucent fabric. Alternatively, you can still hang horizontal blinds.
  • Translucent curtainsTranslucent curtains in a studio apartment of 35 m2

  • If the studio apartment has a balcony orLoggia - consider that you were inexpressibly lucky, because this is an additional space that can be used wisely. Set up a recreation area, a work area, or even a small game room if you have small children. Of course, you will have to work hard and properly insulate the balcony so that you can safely be there at any time. You can also equip a pantry there, where all things are additionally stored. Some people demolish the partition and thus expand the area of ​​the room due to the balcony. But this must be done very carefully, and first you should consult with specialists in this direction.
  • The interior of a studio apartment of 35 m2

    So, with the basic tips of designers, wegot acquainted, now you can think about how to plan the interior, choose a design and properly arrange and arrange furniture so that everything can fit on an area of ​​35 square meters. The basic principle here will be the ratio of the integrity of space, together with the delimitation of zones. It’s necessary to think over everything really to the smallest detail and the main task will be the correct arrangement of furniture. Kitchen in a one-room apartment of 35 m2 It is not always possible to put a real partition and make the kitchen a separate room, because it can look ridiculous and steal the extra area. Kitchen interierThe interior of the kitchen in the apartment is 35 square metersTherefore, we will separate this zone in a different way. To do this, use the bar, which will become an alternative to the dining table and divide the space in the studio apartment into two parts (kitchen and living room area). You can use the transforming table, which will become a dining table. In other words, it will be an ordinary small table, which can be moved to the right size when guests come to you. Another option for the table will be a windowsill, which can be made according to the type of bar counter. Bedroom in a studio apartment of 35 sq.m. In order to get a full bedroom area, it must be separated by a screen, partition or closet. In the case of small apartments up to 35 square meters, it is more rational to buy a sofa, rather than a full bed. But here it will already depend on your desire, the better to sacrifice - a bed or space. Recreation area in the "odnushka" on 35 square metersThe recreation area can be combined in the living room area, arranging it accordingly. For example, put a couple of small soft ottomans, which do not take up much space in odnushka, but will serve instead of large massive chairs. Moreover, inside each of the ottomans you can store some small things. Of course, no recreation area will be fullwithout an item like a television. It is recommended to place it on the wall so that you can watch from the living room and kitchen. To do this, use swivel structures. A workplace in a small one-room apartment Sill can become not only a bar, but also an excellent workplace, which can be arranged in your own way. Of course, there will not be much space here, but you can always come and work quietly so that no one distracts you. A good solution for small one-room apartments. Under the windowsill, additionally install a paper drawer and stationery. Do not forget to think about the availability of an outlet where it will be possible to connect a computer.

    Interior of a studio apartment with a children's corner

    If you have children, then it’s worth consideringsome points for them too. It is important to take into account the fact that children grow very quickly, because this point is also taken into account. Several principles that should be observed when planning a small one-room apartment for yourself and your child, in order to leave a place for yourself and make a comfortable children's corner for games and activities.

    • Each kid must have at least not a big, but his own children's corner. To do this, it is best to choose the bright and sunny part of a one-room apartment, where arrange a children's area.
    • The children's corner should be characterized by maximum functionality, each centimeter of the area should be used as efficiently as possible, because the child will sleep, play and do lessons here.
    • Of course, children do not like ordinary wallpapers, theymore like something funny and cartoony. It is worth considering the wishes of the child, and pick up children's wallpapers so that they are combined with the overall interior. As an option, in this zone you can stick the selected wallpaper together with the child, and the wall itself will be played as an accent. It can turn out quite interesting and extraordinary.
    • Furniture for the nursery in the "odnushka" is clearly the best way to take the type of transformer.

    Photo of one-room apartments 35 sq.

    As you can see, arrange modern beautifulinterior in a studio apartment of 35 sq.m. not so difficult, the main thing is to approach this task with wisdom and imagination, as well as take advantage of some tips from experienced designers. Here is another design photo for such small "odnushki". Do you like the article? Share on social networks!