The interior of a wooden house inside (43 photos)

The interior of a wooden house inside (43 photos)

Agree that the interior of a wooden house is quite important, because it is he who creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Therefore, it is worth taking this moment seriously and equipping the house as best as possible. Interior of a wooden houseInterior of a wooden house We will consider options for directions in the interior design of a wooden house, as well as important points related to this work. Content

Wooden house interior decoration style

Depending on what style of interior youmore to your liking, you need to choose materials for decoration, as well as accessories that complement the image of the room. The most popular areas in the design of a wooden house are: Art Nouveau, classic, Scandinavian style, Provence and the “Russian hut”. Now a little more detailed about each of them. Modern This style is perfect for those peoplewho love and appreciate the spaciousness of the premises. The main features of the direction will be large windows, plain furniture, bright colors, and of course a lot of space. In a word, it will be complete minimalism in things in the interior of a wooden house. ModernArt Nouveau in the interior of a wooden house insideClassic Classic style is suitable for those people who do not like excesses, but appreciate the accuracy and even some severity in design. In order to make the interior of a wooden house inside in a classic style, we need to use furniture exclusively of natural origin. It should also be plain and without unnecessary details. This will help to emphasize the respectability of the owners and their refined taste. ClassicClassic interior of a wooden houseScandinavian style. It is very interesting that it is in Scandinavia that the tendency to build wooden houses is widespread. The style is simple and outstanding. The most ordinary and commonplace things will combine perfectly in this direction - this is another highlight of the Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian styleScandinavian style wooden house interiorIf we talk about the color scheme, it will be bright colors that, in combination with additional accessories (pillows, bedspreads, wraps, carpets) will create an irresistible design and a sense of joy. Provence Some experts compare the style of Provence with the direction of "country", but more in the French way. The main characteristic of the design will be the creation of an atmosphere of rural style in a wooden house, but with some elegant combinations. To create an atmosphere of Provence style, discreet natural materials are used, preferably light shades. A complement in the form of wooden ceiling beams is very welcome. ProvenceProvence in the design of a wooden private house. Specialists designers recommend using the following shades in work:

  • Cream.
  • Lactic.
  • Lemon or muted green.
  • Gently blue.
  • Beige.
  • Light orange.

On windows it is best to hang light curtains withsome simple discreet pattern. "Russian hut" The name itself already says that the interior of the interior of the wooden house should resemble the setting of a Russian hut. If you imagine this image, we will have an old stove in the middle of the room, which can be in the form of a fireplace to remind of modernity. It will be appropriate to purchase old furniture so that it resembles past times. Russian hut“Russian hut” - our design option for a wooden house. Additionally, you can use:

  • Samovar.
  • Wicker baskets.
  • Chest.
  • Bast shoes as an accessory in the decor.
  • Matryoshka dolls.
  • Embroidered pillows, towels and paintings.

Interior of separate rooms of a wooden house

When you stop at one of the styles thatlike it, you can start the main work. It is important to note that some people like to combine directions, so a wooden house can have a Provence kitchen, a Scandinavian style living room, and a classic bedroom. Living room in a wooden house. In wooden houses, when planning a living room, very often people stay at the Art Nouveau, chalet or Provence style. Very rarely done in a modern high-tech style. Living room interiorThe interior of the living room in a wooden housethe floor is made of boards that are pre-impregnated with stain, varnished and carefully polished. Sometimes a stone or wooden laminate, tile or carpet is used. To work with the ceiling, you can use the following options:

  • Drywall. It is putty or finished with ceiling wallpaper.
  • MDF panel.
  • Stretch ceiling.
  • Lining.
  • In terms of shades, it’s best to usenatural colors and texture. It is recommended to put the windows not white plastic, but “wood-like”, or order real wooden ones. Furniture itself should also be natural, it is not recommended to use glossy surfaces, as this will be completely inappropriate. Well, the fireplace, or a false fireplace, will undoubtedly become the final touch. Without it, it is simply impossible to imagine a wooden house, especially since this object will suit any of the styles and directions in the design of the premises. Kitchen in a wooden house When you plan to design a kitchen in a wooden house, it is worth considering the following points in work:

  • When mounting a gas or electric stove, it is best to place it near the window and additionally install a good hood.
  • In order that the refrigerator does not rush into the eyes, it can be put in the darkest inconspicuous corner of the kitchen.
  • When the ceiling is being renovated, if there are wooden beams, it will be good to leave them, and then beat beautifully during the final decoration of the room.
  • Kitchen interior with beamsKitchen interior with beams in a wooden private house

  • Use a version of the chandelier that has wood details or inserts. This will emphasize our kitchen and make a certain emphasis on the ceiling.
  • The floor can be made according to your choice: tiles, boards, laminate.
  • An excellent move would be to decorate the walls of the panel or paintings with a kitchen theme.
  • Furniture should be selected depending on the style, so that it is combined with the overall interior. It can be old or modern options.
  • It is recommended to use stone countertops.
  • In the dining area, a large round or square wooden table will look great.
  • The most popular kitchen interior styles are country, provence, classic, chalet or modern.
  • Bedroom in a wooden house. Usually if woodenthe house has two floors, the first is a living room and kitchen, the second is reserved for bedrooms. This is a special place, because it is here that a person can completely relax and rest. Therefore, in this zone it is important to create the maximum coziness and comfort of the room. Bedroom interiorInterior of a bedroom in a wooden house. Often inwooden cabin houses are made in country style. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she is the heart of the house and then the maximum beauty and, at the same time, the simplicity of the “soul” are displayed. It is not recommended to make a bedroom in a classic, Russian or rustic style. Attic in a wooden private house. Very often fromshe is also made a bedroom or a resting place. Alternatively, here you can build a nursery or a game room. Also put billiard or tennis tables. Attic interiorAttic interior of a wooden country houseThe ceiling is usually finished with clapboard, or covered with varnish or paint. Theoretically, you can glue the surface with high-quality drywall, then paint or paste the wallpaper.

    Interesting moments in the design of wooden houses

    • It is enough to install a fireplace and comfortable furniture in the room - and this will create maximum comfort and a good rest.
    • If the rooms in the wooden house are large enough in quadrature, they can be divided into useful functional areas using conditional partitions and color accents.
    • Room ZoningZoning of the room in the interior of a wooden house

    • Sometimes categorically incompatible elements can create a whole unique image of the room. The main thing here is to choose the right items and not go too far.
    • The rooms in a wooden house can become quite lively and modern thanks to light furniture. It will look beautiful and contrast on a background of wood.
    • The combination of texture and wood will brighten up the roughness of the furniture (if any) and betray the atmosphere of restraint and rigor (mainly refers to the classical style).
    • The use of antique furniture will bring a sense of luxury, gloss and wealth.
    • In the interior of a wooden house inside, you can additionally use hunting elements and reproductions.
    • If you want to achieve the maximum copy of a rustic style, make walls of logs. It is perfectly emphasized by natural stone and modern furniture.

    We conclude that there are many options ininterior that can be created inside a wooden house. Everything will depend only on your ideas and desires, so just imagine how you would like to see your house and begin to act. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!