The interior of the hallway in a private house: how to make candy out of the corridor (39 photos)

The interior of the hallway in a private house: how to make candy out of the corridor (39 photos)

The entrance hall is a kind of "visitingcard ”at home, because this is the first place your guest gets to. Accordingly, do not underestimate the importance of interior decoration in this part of your home and take the design issue seriously enough. Private entrance hall design Content

Some useful hallway decorating tips

Of course, you can deal with the interior of the room in your own way, but there are tips from experienced designers, which it is advisable to familiarize yourself with.

    • First of all, you should remember that the interior of the hallway should not radically differ from the general design of the house. On the contrary, it is better that it blend in harmoniously and complement the overall picture.
    • Functional placement and filling of furnitureIt is also extremely important, because from this the atmosphere of the room will be formed. Of course, everything will depend directly on the size of the corridor area, as well as on individual tastes and wishes.
    • Do not clutter your corridor with unnecessary trifles and accessories. The space in it should be free and spacious.

    • Speaking of walls, it is recommended to use wear-resistant materials, especially if small children or pets live in the house.
    • Similarly, this will apply to gender. It should be moisture resistant and easy to care for, because when entering from the street, we can put dirt on the sole of the shoe. It is good if the floor will be slightly heated. This will help you get rid of excess moisture and moisture.
    • Since hallways do not always have enoughthe amount of lighting in the design of walls and furniture is best to use light colors. Make the lighting itself multilevel, add the lighting of cabinets and wardrobes to the general ceiling light, and also do not forget about mirrors.

    • The mirror is a fairly important subject ininterior, as it visually expands the overall perception of space. But do not hang it in front of the front doors. Firstly, it is not aesthetically pleasing in terms of feng shui arrangements and personal comfort. Secondly - if the room is elongated, then this placement of the mirror will make it even longer.
    • When you have an elongated hallway, use a few switches, placing them at the beginning and at the end of the corridor. Thus, you can control the light, and not wander in the dark.

  • Pay attention to the design of your doors. It should be the same in all rooms, including interior and exterior doors. If you do not want to buy all the doors of one option, then they should be at least in the same color scheme.
  • A big advantage in a private house is that there is usually the opportunity to design a window for lighting. This will provide you even more comfort and coziness during your stay.
  • Another important point is thatit is advisable to additionally think over a small “vestibule” in the hallway of a private house, where it would be possible to leave dirty shoes, an umbrella, and other similar items. It can be separated by a small screen or doors that would go to the main part of the corridor. Thus, we will not only be able to distance ourselves from getting dirt into the house, but also insulate it a little, because if there are doors there will not get a cold stream of air inside.
  • It is advisable to take a separate place in the hallway forstorage of clothes and sports equipment (if any). Also, household items can be stored there, such as: household baskets, pots, etc.

Decoration and interior hallway

Some key points we have reviewed. Now we can proceed to a more detailed study of each of the elements of the hallway of the room. Walls Speaking of walls, you first needtake into account the fact that they must be made of moisture-resistant and durable materials that can easily be wet cleaned. Basically, most modern materials meet this requirement, but be that as it may, be sure to pay attention to it. Wall decoration material can be very different. Here are a few popular modern options that are universal.

  • Wallpaper. If you have opted for wallpaper - be sure to buy vinyl coverings, because they are quite durable and amenable to washing. It is important to know that you can brush the wallpaper with a brush, but this will only be a dry option for leaving. If you decide to do wet cleaning, use a soft cloth or cloth. They are glued using special glue, before the wall must first be treated with a primer and antimicrobial elements.
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    Decoration of the hallway with wallpaper

  • The liquid wallpaper. Perfect for those versions of hallways that have arches, bent partitions, niches and other similar structures. Very often, transparent varnish is applied to such wallpapers from above, which makes it possible to wash them without problems.
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    Appearance of walls with liquid wallpaper

  • Decorative plaster or paint. This is another possible option for wall decoration in the corridors and hallways. Basically, such an option is chosen through the ego for financial efficiency and the ability to seamlessly repaint in a different color if you get tired.
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    Painted walls and bright accents in the interior of the hallway

  • Panels from MDF. There are many colors and types of this material, with which you can make the decoration of both the front and the economic department of the hallway. For the main entrance, most often they use tiled material that looks great in the interior and imitates wooden panels. PVC panels are a quick way to decorate walls inhallway In the variant of the economic zone of the hallway they make decoration with sheet or rack material. This is due to the fact that it is in this part that the most dirty things are usually collected, and this type of MDF panel is much easier to clean.
  • With the advent of modern materials and technologies,tiles are increasingly being used for wall decoration. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the most practical materials for the design of hallways in a private house.
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    Wall decor with Floor B tilesPrivate houses usually have a much higher floor load than apartments. That is why the material should be sufficiently resistant to stress, quality, as well as practical in operation and maintenance. One of the most frequently requested materials is:

      • Linoleum. Cost-effective coverage, which can be replaced without problems when the operational lines are released. If you choose the right type of linoleum - it will not be scratched and forced through heels. That is why pay attention to the type of wear resistance. It should be higher than the household option.

    Linoleum as an option for flooring in the hallway

      • Laminate. In fact, it is not the best in a private house, except that you will use a combined version of the type of floors. Choose a laminate of the increased type of strength and wear resistance, the seams of which must be rubbed with a moisture-resistant grout.

    A quality laminate is a good way to create a beautiful interior.

      • Tile. With the right selection and operation, you can enjoy it for many years. This option of flooring is the best for private homes. If you have a large entrance hall - you can use natural stone tiles for interior decoration. It is recommended that a floor heating system is installed for comfort and warmth.

    Tile - a reliable way to design floor designCeiling Finishes Honestly, the ceiling in the hallway is practically no different from the rest of the rooms. It can be made using painting, whitewashing, wallpaper or decorative plaster. Sometimes I finish with ceiling tiles, suspended or suspended ceilings. Different types of ceiling decoration in the hallway of a private house

    Interior Details

    With the basis of the hallway, namely the walls, floor and ceiling, we figured out. Now we turn to objects that may be in the interior. Interesting decor is the key to a beautiful interior inindoors Wardrobe This may be a variant of a conventional wardrobe, but most often a wardrobe is installed. It is very important that it consists of several branches for each of the seasons of the year. There should also be a shelf for hats and other outerwear, a couple of drawers for scarves, gloves and scarves. If the hallway area is not quite large - it is equipped with a hanger and a small chest of drawers for things. Wardrobe in the hallway of a private housethere may be a shelf, which in turn is divided into closed and open type. Remember that when it is closed - the shoes must be placed clean and dry there, otherwise negative consequences are possible. In addition, think of a place to store care products. Furniture, with open and closed sections forstorage of things. Bench. It looks pretty pretty in the interior of the hallway; moreover, it has an important function in convenience when putting on shoes. It is not necessary that this is a bench. Great analogues will be a soft ottoman or high chair, as well as a small sofa. Benches in the interior of the room. Mirror Mandatory attribute of a real hallway. If the space does not allow you to hang a full-fledged mirror - make one of the cabinet doors a mirror. Mirror and frame as a real interior decorationin the hallway You can hang a small mirror above the dresser or console. In any case, at least small in size, but it should hang in the hallway. It is recommended to install additional backlight. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!