Three apartments in London: a tour of the interiors of London apartments (30 photos)

Three apartments in London: a tour of the interiors of London apartments (30 photos)

1. London traditional style apartment

This apartment belongs to a very famous British designer - Bea Deza. The designer, combining seemingly incompatible things, created an atmosphere of inspiration in her apartment. Interior in the apartment of the British designer Bea DezaInterior in the apartment of the British designer Bea DezaAt the sight of the kitchen in this apartment there is a double impression. On the one hand, the kitchen is similar to the typical kitchen of a country house, on the other hand, it creates the feeling of being in a typical English pub. In the design of the kitchen you can see a mirror framed in a retro frame, plastic bar stools, a bookshelf, a crystal chandelier. Kitchen in the apartment of the designer Bea DezaKitchen in the apartment of the designer Bea Deza BasicAn element of the living room is the fireplace, which cannot go unnoticed. Although other things in the room are no less interesting. For example, frames and floors, specially made antique, or sofas of different styles. Living room in the apartment of the designer Bea DezaLiving room in the apartment of the designer Bea Deza The bedroom is filled with the atmosphere of the English forest. It is for this purpose that plank floors and wallpapers were specially selected. Bedroom in the apartment of the designer Bea DezaThe bedroom in the apartment of the designer Bea Deza For the most part, the designer managed to create a real masterpiece in which everyone can find something of their own and use the interior ideas for their own apartments.

2. Design a small London apartment

This small apartment is located in an eliteLondon area, in a Victorian-style house. The main feature of this apartment are three large French windows. Most of the apartment is 49 sq.m. It occupies a living room with a huge sofa. Everything else had to make room a little. The kitchen is slightly raised to the podium. Under the podium is a small pantry with a washing machine. Above the bathroom I had to install special shelves for storing things. Design of a small London apartmentDesign of a small London apartmentthe highlight of this apartment is a raised kitchen by 1.5 meters. The designer separated her from the living room, but at the same time did not violate the integrity of the common space. Thanks to the French windows, the kitchen is lit with natural light. In order not to violate the integrity of the space in the interior, a minimum of materials and colors is used. Separated kitchen from the living room is rather arbitrary. The role of the border is played by a transparent countertop, which does not clutter up the kitchen design and also serves as a bar counter. The raised kitchen of a small London apartmentRaised kitchen interiorLooks very elegant and smart. A staircase that does not have a railing and finished with oak is a real decoration of the apartment. A comfortable and large corner sofa fits perfectly into the living room. Dining room interiorDining room interior. In a small bathroom.the designer was able to place a bathtub of a normal size, a sink and a toilet. To decorate the walls in the bathroom used a shallow blue mosaic. As a sink, the designer used an ordinary cooking bowl fixed to the tile base. Bathroom interior The interior of the bathroom The bedroom in the apartment is verycompact. The door and headboard are finished with solid oak. This makes the bedroom cozy and warm. If the door is closed, then it is part of the wall; when open, the door frames the bed. Bedroom interiorBedroom Interior For apartments with a small area, a minimal finish is characteristic. All cabinets and storage boxes do not have handles, but are opened with a touch of a button.

3. Monochrome London apartment

Monochrome design has a large number ofmerits. Using this design, you can reveal the plasticity of the room, emphasize the volume, show the grace and depth of the lines. All surfaces in the room with a monochrome design serve as a relief background on which all objects of a different color are clearly visible and immediately catch your eye. However, when creating a monochrome design, many experts make one mistake. When creating such a design, contrasting objects must be expressive, otherwise the color balance disappears and the created harmony of the room is destroyed. In this London studio apartment, the designer managed to avoid such mistakes. Monochrome London Studio Apartment InteriorMonochrome London Studio Apartment InteriorThe interior of this apartment can be called exemplary. No one resides in this apartment. This is a kind of showroom. Here, designers invite their customers to demonstrate their abilities. The entire space of the apartment is divided into a large living room and, separated by an opaque door, a small lounge. Living room interiorLiving room interior Front door interiorFront door interior Kitchen-dining room interiorThe interior of the kitchen-dining roomdivided into zones using rectangular columns placed on special pedestals. They separate the kitchen-dining room from the living room. White color in the interior is slightly diluted with impregnations of objects of other colors (vases, lamps, a carpet near the sofa, pillows, chairs in the dining room and the facades of kitchen furniture), metal elements (table legs made of mirror steel). The living room floor is made of shiny porcelain stoneware. Bright blotches in monochrome interior designBright blotches in monochrome interior design Do you like the article? Share on social networks!