Three photo tours: interior of a forest house (20 photos)

Three photo tours: interior of a forest house (20 photos)

Forest house interior

Country houses are becoming more and more popular,located in the forest. Forest houses are far from any buildings made by human hands. Such houses are for their owners a place where you can relax under the twittering of birds from the poor ecology of the stone jungle, city noise and fuss. Currently, forest houses are true modern oases in the heart of the wild. It is not necessary at all to go on vacation to a forest house to forget about the achievements of modern technology. Such houses, as a rule, are examples of modern architecture, which are equipped with all the amenities available to urban residents.

Scandinavian Forest House

- naturalness and prostate. In the interior of the forest house in the Scandinavian style there are practically no decor elements. Everything is very concise and restrained. The whole interior is made in bright colors. Finishing materials, for the most part, are natural. The basic colors of the interior of the forest house in the Scandinavian styleThe basic colors of the interior of the forest house in the Scandinavian style The bright interior of the forest house can be dilutedfurniture elements made of hardwood. Such material has a natural terracotta and yellow color. Scandinavian-style interiors are complemented by ceiling beams. The floor is made of light wood, and covered with clear wood varnish. Textile emphasizes the laconicism of the Scandinavian interior. It is best to use textiles made from natural fabrics in light shades. Used light gray, bluish or beige shades form the basis of the interior decoration of the forest house. For upholstery of upholstered furniture, tablecloths, sofa cushions, it is better to use linen fabric. The Scandinavian-style interior does not imply the presence of carpets. The floor is decorated with knitted rugs and mats. Wicker furniture looks harmonious in such an interior of a forest house. You can use not only wicker armchairs and seats for chairs, but also all kinds of boxes, baskets. Of great importance in the Scandinavian interior is given to the design of lighting and background. Such houses are characterized by a large number of different lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps and other sources of artificial lighting. Scandinavian style forest house interiorScandinavian style forest house interior

Eco-friendly Forest House

Forest house interior, which is made ineco-style allows you to fully feel like a part of nature. In creating such an interior, only natural, environmentally friendly materials and natural shades are used. The main shades of the interior are beige, brown, white, bed shades, pale blue, and all shades of green. To finish the floor, it is best to choose stone, wooden parquet, a high-quality laminate with imitation of natural material, or ordinary boards with their natural texture and color. For wall decor, wooden panels or plain paper wallpapers are more often used. Wallpaper can be selected with a small floral pattern. For walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen, ceramic tiles, decorative stone, light-colored plaster or cork are used. To decorate the ceiling, you can use drywall, paint or whitewash. You can decorate the ceiling with ordinary wooden beams. For a forest house in an eco-style, furniture made of natural wood, preferably from a solid array, is suitable. An ideal option for an ecological interior would be to use small stools made of saw cut wood, stone or marble countertops. In such houses, a minimal set of the most necessary furniture is used. As a rule, all elements of furniture have a simple shape without any decor elements. In the design of eco-houses, a huge role is given to living flowers. In addition to indoor plants and fresh flowers and an eco-style, an aquarium, a terrarium or a bird cage will fit well. The more living elements of nature in the house - the better. All textiles used in the decor of the forest house are made of natural fabrics: chintz, linen, cotton and matting. Such a minimal set of decorative elements will make the forest house attractive and cozy. Eco-style forest house interiorEco-style forest house interior

Eclecticism in the interior of a forest house

An eclectic style is bestSuitable for home decoration in the forest. With its help, you can emphasize the proximity of the house to nature and its naturalness. The color scheme of such a forest house is very restrained. Natural natural shades prevail in it: orange, yellow, brown, cream and gray. The interior of such a country forest house looks very easy, natural and harmonious. Despite the fact that the main interior materials are stone and wood. A modern eclectic-style forest house can become a real part of nature. A decoration of a living room or a veranda can be a real tree trunk, for which a special hole has been made in the floor and roof. Most of the walls of the house are occupied by large windows that allow you to observe wildlife and at the same time feel protected from external factors. Eclecticism in the interior of a forest houseEclecticism in the interior of a forest house Do you like the article? Share on social networks!