Diadem of beads with your hands in the master class (photo)

Diadem of beads with your hands in the master class (photo)


Such a decoration, as a diadem of beads usesincredibly popular. They adorn the head, even in the ancient Greek gods. It is worth noting that the diadem of beads several hundred years ago was considered a symbol of power and reign. But in today's world it is accepted to wear for brides and winners of beauty contests.
To make this ornament with your own hands you need to carefully read the instructions. Below is a detailed master class, which describes all the steps of creating a flower tiaras.

Materials and tools

Preparing for the beading process
To get started you need to prepare the following tools:

  • beads of various sizes;
  • beads;
  • a coil of thin wire;
  • segments of thin ribbons. It is advisable to select one tone with beaded;
  • foundation or comb;
  • wire cutters or scissors.

Workshop beading flower tiaras

When all the materials are ready, you can startbeadwork. Today, the open spaces of the Internet there are a large number of video tips to write more experienced handy. But for novice masters is sure to become a useful technique described below tiara netting. For each stage of the work included a photo.
At the beginning of the work required to make branches:

  • Take the wire cut into 40-50 cm, with a reserve;
  • In the middle you need to string a large bead;
  • Along the edges of threaded three beads of the same color;
  • Next, the edge of the wire are intertwined at a distance of 4-5 cm, to form a stem.
  • The next stage of work - is the creation of a secondbranch. This will require to take the working end of the wire and pull back a distance of about 10 centimeters. Then continue beading twigs on the technique, which is described above. Total branch must have three branches. Depending on the size of jewelry needle women need to prepare the required number of finished parts.

    Further taken thin wire segment (15 centimeters). In mid-strung bead in the form of flower.
    Along the edges you need to put 2 beads on each side. Working ends of the wire should be intertwined with each other to lock the beads and beads.

    To avoid confusion in the work of some experiencedneedlewoman are advised to use the scheme. It may be necessary in the case when the work involves the use of beads and several shades of colors. The scheme may be required in the case of a complex pattern.
    But it is necessary to go back to the diadem of beads. Workshop continues needle women need to collect the resulting parts:

    • ready taken beadwork flowers and branches;
    • on the flat surface is necessary to put on top of a twig and put a flower;
    • working ends of the wire must mesh to work rested, as can be stronger and has been fixed;
    • Next, you need to weave the remaining branches.

    During weaving, you can add flowers andpetals, to get the right size jewelry. It should be noted that the branches are interconnected pairwise and that wire is twisted at the base. Thus, it should have a minimum number of lush bunches during weaving.
    All bundles are twisted in the order in which they will be placed on future decoration. Tiaras should be a single finished part.

    And at the end of weaving is required to perform the final stages:

    • taken the tape, which most accurately fits the tone beads and beads;
    • tape should be wrapped on the basis of the future decoration. Its task-based - to hide the wire that connects the details of the work;
    • metal comb is taken where there are many small holes. With the help of a thin wire jewelry is screwed to the base of the comb;
    • needlewoman should carefully bend the ends of the wire, that they are not tangled in her hair.

    As can be seen to create a diadem of beads can be their own hands. It is possible to include your imagination and create a variety of hair ornaments.

    Video: diadem of beads with your hands