Tie from beads master class diagram and step-by-step photos

Tie from beads master class diagram and step-by-step photos


We are used to what a tie is doingExclusively of cloth. But it is not so. Thanks to various techniques of weaving from beads, it became possible to make a tie from beads, various beads and decorative pebbles. This unique opportunity allows you to weave a tie of the shape and length that is necessary for you. Using schemes, you can combine them and find new instances. You can make a tie not only for the holiday image, but for the everyday as well.
Ties from beads weave by different techniques. For example, it can be mosaic weaving or hand weaving. You need to carefully study the circuit, choose the suitable pattern for yourself and prepare the materials. We offer you several options for creating a tie.

Master class for beginners

A tie from beads master class scheme will be calculated for beginner needlewomen, since this option is very simple to perform. For work you will need the following list of materials:

  • Beads of blue color, which are also called "cat's eye" in the number of sixty pieces;
  • Enamel beads are also turquoise;
  • Silvery beads;
  • Threads made of capron with a needle.

Tie weave by the technique of openwork weaving onBased on the presented scheme. The workflow must begin with the middle of the product. Using two needles, type an openwork chain along the entire length of the craft. At the point where the last beads of this chain end, separate the needles, and continue the symmetrical weave using only one needle. Do the beading chain first from top to bottom, and then vice versa. Make four strips on each side of the product. Check your actions with the scheme and pull the reduction and enlargement that are necessary to create the node.
It is desirable to decorate the product with beads, usingDouble overlay technique. Then the top of the tie is also made out with another strip of beads. Next, it is necessary to bend the center of the workpiece and attach it to the place marked with vertical arrows in the diagram. This rather simple variant of creating a tie will appeal to beginner needlewomen who have not yet had time to acquire professional skills.

Classic tie

Products made of beads are growingPopularity among fashionistas. In this season, various ornaments on the neck are very in demand, including ties and collars - racks. Such accessories will not only become a fashionable addition to your image, but also a wonderful gift for a friend.
To conduct this master class, you will need the following list of materials:

  • Line or thread;
  • White and red beads;
  • Special metal clasp.

Begin to weave a tie you need with a simple chain,Which consists of forty stripes of white beads. When you have finished this stage of work, you will add two more parts from one side of the workpiece to another one. On the one hand weave a few beads less, to get a special bevel characteristic of all ties.

As a result, you should get a triangle, as demonstrated in the photo. Count out the thirty-second row and add two lines to it on both sides of the product.

Continue the work and connect the three weaves,Which are at the bottom. If you like, you can leave a tie in this form of pure white. But it will be completely uninteresting, so we recommend that you add a little red to white.

Take the cut line and stretch it into the secondHorizontal strip. Type one scarlet beads and draw the main material into the next white. Then, skip the three things and redlight the glass. In this way you diversify the weaving of this tie. After that, make two identical strips of beads of the length that you need. At the very end, attach the metal clasp.

Simple and beautiful decoration in the form of a tieCompletely ready. Such a product can be worn with everyday clothing. For an example, we recommend that you look at and learn the diagrams, as well as the actual video material.

Schemes for weaving tie

Video: How to make a tie with your own hands