How to tie a skirt for a girl 7 years old, using the "zigzag" pattern, detailed patterns, pattern and job description

How to tie a skirt for a girl 7 years old, using the "zigzag" pattern, detailed patterns, pattern and job description

Things created by one's own hands are always different frombought in the store. Not only a higher quality of performance. Made by hand, they carry in themselves a particle of creative energy of craftsmen. Perhaps a wrought-iron lamp or a carved wooden furniture set will not be able to create everyone, but almost anyone can hook a beautiful product with a hook. The main thing is to learn the basic techniques of knitting, to include inspiration and imagination, and an original dress or a chic skirt will decorate the wardrobe. In this article, we just suggest you to crochet a skirt for a girl. A detailed outline, pattern and description will help make a beautiful and bright thing. Selecting cotton thin strings and the length of the product above the knee, you can tie a summer skirt. If you choose wool yarn and tie a long skirt, it will be a great option for autumn. This pattern is quite dense and your baby will not be cold. Now we will knit a skirt made of 100% cotton (330 m / 50 g). How to tie a skirt for a 7 year old girl using a pattern It will take:

  • White, orange, blue and yellow thread;
  • Hook No. 1.

Before you start knitting you need to make a full-sized pattern by individual measures. How to tie a skirt for a 7 year old girl using a pattern Also before work, you need to link the samplepattern size 10x10 cm to calculate the required number of loops. We knit in a circle. In this case, the product will not have ugly stitches. The number of loops of the set should be a multiple of 17. The work will go from bottom to top. How to tie a skirt for a 7 year old girl using a pattern The first river. 3 ppp, 4 tbsp. s / n with one vertex, * 5 tbsp. s / n, 5 tbsp. s / n with a common base, 5 tbsp. s / n, 5 tbsp. c / n with common vertex *, continue from * end 1 cc The second river. 1 cp further knit without increments and st. b / n. finish 1 с.с. Knit all the subsequent odd numbers as the first, even - as the second. Colors change every 2 rows, as in the photo: orange, white, blue, yellow. For each of 2 rows. It is necessary to tie 18 bands to white. The next blue will need to be knit with discounts for the waist of the skirt. Carry out adjustments as follows: where we knit 5 tbsp. с / н with the general basis to knit 3 tbsp. s / n with a common base. Then, already with a yellow thread, knit instead of 3 st. s / n one. Next, knit only with a yarn of yellow color. Do side adjustments (for this you can denote them with a string of contrasting color or a pin) with 1 loop on each side. To knead 1 circle of art. with / n. The second is art. b / n. Repeat both rows five more times, and then bind 5 more circles of art. b / n. Thread, fasten, cut and hide the tail. The knitting of the skirt is finished. In order for the belt to be more elastic and well held, it is necessary to tie the thin nylon elastic band to the several upper rows of the skirt from the wrong side. Tie the harnesses (8 pcs.) 1 cm wide and 3 cm long. Evenly sew on the perimeter of the belt. For the purse, you need to thread a yellow color 21 vp, tie in a height of 7 cm st. b / n, increments of 1 loop on each side to perform 5 times. Bind thus two halves. Tie around perimeter 1 next st. b / n thread of orange color, so you and connect both parts, and decorate the handbag-pocket. Now you need to weave a pigtail about 66 cm long from orange yarn. Pass the pigtail through the harnesses on the belt, tie the bows at the ends and sew a pocket to them. Flower knit by scheme. The first river. In the ring of 5 cp. bind 5 times in a magnificent art. 3 tbsp. with a common vertex, alternating them with 2 volts. Finish 1 с.с. The second river. 1 cp then knit art. b / n, every 2 cps. the first lap tie 4 tbsp. b / n, and 1 tbsp. b / n in the tops of lush art. from 3 tbsp. с / н the first circle. It should total 25 st. b / n. Finish 2 c.s. Third r. * 3 per cent, 3 times 2 tbsp. s / n with a common base, 3 cp, 1 c.s. in the loop next to the one into which the last 2 tbsp are tied. c / n with a common vertex *, connect from * 4 more times. Finish 1 с.с. Thread, fasten, cut and hide the tail. Now it remains only to sew a flower to the pocket, and the skirt is ready.