Knit socks with knitting needles based on photos and master-classes

Knit socks with knitting needles based on photos and master-classes


Knitted socks - ideal for RussianFrost. There are several ways to link them. Some of them are suitable for beginners, others will require some experience in knitting. Traditionally, socks knit on five spokes. Many people consider this method rather complicated, but it is more difficult to loosen the toe of the toe. That is why the master class, as well as video on this topic are so popular on the Internet.

Knitting of socks in a spiral

Socks, connected in a spiral, do not have a heel. Therefore, they are ideal for beginners, those who are just beginning to master the knitting of this wardrobe. Here is a description of the performance of such socks:

  • First of all, the required number is calculatedLoops. For this purpose, the web density and the leg volume are determined. For socks in a spiral, the rule is that a multiple of eight must necessarily have loops in its quantity;
  • The set is divided into 4 spokes, the beginning of knitting should be marked with a pin or special rings;

  • Begin to knit in a circle rubber band 2 by 2 to a height of about 5 cm;
  • Go to the spiral pattern. For this we knit serially 4 persons., 4 out. Repeat 3 times;
  • In the fourth river. We make the first displacement of the figure. To do this, the first item of each person. Bands are banded out, and the first is the wrong one;
  • Displacement is made in every fourth p.
  • When the sock reaches the required length, you can begin to tie the toe. To do this, we produce a reduction in each facial strip, and in the next - in each of the latter. We alternate;
  • When nothing remains on the spokes, the sock is ready.

Video: Spiral socks with knitting needles

Two-knitted socks

To those to whom
It seems advisable to perform them on 2 spokes. Such socks are obtained with a seam at the top. Women's socks differ from men's and children's only in size.

First of all, you need to collect the estimated number of loops. It must be a multiple of 4 plus edgeband. Next, we knit any comfortable rubber band about 6 cm high.
After this, go to the pattern, for example, the facial smoothness, and perform another 7 cm.
It's time to tie the heel. Step by step we will describe how to do this:

  • We divide the loops into 4 parts (without taking into account the edges). In this case, they can be left on one spoke, marking the boundaries with special rings;
  • We tie three parts, turn the work and knit two. We begin to bind the shortened rows. To do this, in each subsequent we leave the last link of the middle parts unburdened;
  • When only 1/6 of theQuantity, we begin to return links to work. At the end of each row, raise the side and tie it along with the next, following the pattern. Repeat the procedure until all loops return to work.

Ready to heel will look like a photo. Continue knitting socks with knitting needles until the length of the canvas reaches the middle of the thumb. At this stage, we begin to knit the toe.
For this knitting is again divided into 4 spokes. We reduce in each odd series according to the following scheme:

  • Third and second n. From the end of the first and third parts knit together the front;
  • The second and the third items of the 2nd and 4th are subtracted by the method of broaching.

The procedure must be repeated until 6 spokes are on the spokes. They need to be pulled together. It remains to perform the seam, and the female socks are ready.

Video: Learn to knit two-knitted socks

Socks with 5 spokes

This is a master class for beginners on how to tie socks in a traditional way, performed on five spokes. The beginning of the work in this case differs from knitting in a spiral only by drawing.

Once the required cuff height is connected, you can begin to form the heel. Here is a description of this process:

  • We translate the loops from the 1st and 4th spokes into one. We knit in the forward and reverse direction to the height of the heel. Female and male models usually do not differ in size - it is about 5 cm, in children's socks this value is 3 cm;
  • When the height of the cloth reaches the desired, the web is divided into 3 spokes. In this case, if there are 2 loops left, they are added one by one to the extreme ones. The remainder is added to the middle spoke;
  • Now we start decreasing. To do this, we knit all the links from 1 and 2 parts, the last loop is knitted together with the first of 3. Knitting is rotated, and the procedure is repeated;
  • As soon as all the n. From the extreme parts are gone, the heel can be considered complete.

Now use the needle to draw broaches from the sides of the heel. Distribute the 4 knitting needles and continue the circular knitting. It remains to decorate the toe, and the sock will be ready.

Thus, to tie socks with knitting needlesAny needlewoman. It is enough to determine the most appropriate way. A huge amount of video will help you better understand the knitting, it will be easier even for beginners.
Video: Learn to knit socks on five knitting needles