Tilda teddy bear is a master class, patterns, ideas. Master classes. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda teddy bear is a master class, patterns, ideas. Master classes. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: What kind of toy do you associate with childhood? We think that at least half of this is a bear cub. Of fur or plush, well-nourished or slim, the bear was the friend to whom it was possible to entrust the most intimate. We suggest to return for a while to that happy time and sew by hands teddy bears.

Simple teddy bear

simple teddy bear To sew a bear we will need materials:

  • fabric (cotton, calico, chintz);
  • filler;
  • small buttons;
  • thread for embroidery (mulina, iris);
  • cloth for patches;
  • narrow ribbon;
  • pattern.

Operating procedure mishka-tilda-12

  • We offer several patterns for making a simple bear at once. We put the material (in this master class a bike is used) in two layers and transfer the chosen pattern. The contour is stitched.
  • We twist the workpiece and fill it with sintepux or holofayber. Sew the sewing by hand (with a hidden seam). Paws thread the floss with floss.
  • Muzzle to this bear can be painted with acrylicpaints, in whole or in part, you can embroider. We sew on buttons, we tie a bow around our necks. We cut out the scraps with scalloped scissors and take it to the teddy bear with a decorative stitch.
  • As you can see, such teddy bear is sewn quite simply. Make it very simple. In the next master class, we sew a bear more complicated.

    Bear tilde

    bear in tilde style To sew a bear in the style of a tilde we will need:

    • fabric (cotton, calico, chintz, linen);
    • filler;
    • Buttons;
    • acrylic colors or threads of mulina;
    • narrow ribbon;
    • pattern.

    Operating procedure

  • There are two versions of tailoring in styletilde - with and without clothes. If you decided to sew a bear dressed, then for a basis it is better to take a monophonic fabric. How to sew clothes for animals, described in detail in the master class for tailoring the mouse tilde.
  • In this master class we will make a bearwithout clothes, so take a bright cloth in white peas. Pattern print or copy from the screen and cut out. Lay out the pattern on the fabric, previously folded into two leaves, and draw a contour with a marker, chalk or a simple pencil.
  • We sew all the details along the contour line, exceptplaces marked on the pattern with a dotted line. The detail of the head is stitched along a circular contour, then unfold and sew on the upper tucks. Through not sewn places we turn the workpieces and iron.
  • We fill all the details of the bear, except for the ears, with synthetic fibers. Ears are trying on the muzzle, pins the pins and sewn by hand (secret seam). The cuts in the blanks are also sewn with a hidden seam.
  • To strengthen the legs and arms to the trunk, we will be the methodbutton fastening. First sew the buttons to the top of the blanks. Then we sew to the body through holes in the buttons. Such fastening will allow our bear to move its paws.
  • We sew the head to the body with a hidden seam. It remains to tie a white bow in a red peas and arrange a muzzle. Eyes and a nose bear can be painted with acrylic paints or embroider. In the presented master class, the nozzle did not have to be made out because of the selection of the fabric color.
  • bear tilde color Here is such a wonderful bear tilde we got. We think that you can perfectly sew it for your child or as a gift to a loved one. Good luck.

    How to sew a head and limbs to the body of a toy