Tilda cat standing, how to sew, pattern, kitty master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda cat standing, how to sew, pattern, kitty master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The cat brings warmth and comfort to any home. No wonder at all times in Russia believed that "without cats there is no hut", and for stealing a pet in the X-XΙΙ centuries, they were fined more than for stealing a cow. And if this valuable, soft, and cozy friend of the family is made by own hands, and does not scratch at all, then it will surely become the most loved one.

Master class for making a tilde of a cat

Let's try together to make such a wonderful toy for your child or yourself. We will need:

  • monophonic tissue;
  • Color fabric for dresses and beautiful braid;
  • thread, needle;
  • thread for embroidery of the nose and eyes;
  • black fishing line for tendrils;
  • chlorofiber or other filler;
  • large buttons - 5 pcs.

The order of performance of work

  • First, a pattern is made on paper, and then transferred with a pencil or chalk on a fabric folded in half. Lay out need long sides of the patterns in the direction of the share thread.

tilde cat-2

  • The pattern is sewn on the machine by the contour, and the detail is cut with an indent from the seam of 0.5 cm. You can cut shallow corners along the circumference of the circles.

tilde cat-3

  • Turn out all the blanks on the front side and iron.

tilde cat-4

  • Master class for padding the cat's paws, let's start withcutting out small holes in places where the buttons will then be sewn on. Push the wooden stick into the filler. After packing, the edges of the slots must be sewn neatly.

tilde cat-5

  • Sew the ears to the head with a hidden seam.

tilde cat-6

  • Now it is necessary to sew together the trunk and head of the tilde toy with the same secret seam.

tilde cat-7

  • Pierce through the trunk with a large needle and sew at the same time two limbs, fixing them with buttons. Similarly, we hold a master class for sewing the front legs of our kitty.

tilde cat-8 tilde cat-9

  • We embroider a spout and eyes (it is possible to paint). With the help of a needle with a wide eye, we pull the tendrils-fishing lines through the muzzle of the tilde of the toy. We put on a dress and attach a flirty bow to the ear. Master class for making a charming cat is over.

tilde cat

Bicuspid cat tilde

This cute red cat can not only stand onits two paws, but also hang on the tail. In order to sew it, you will need all the same as for the cat, only buttons we need not 5, but 2 for the eyes.

  • Pattern is very simple. All parts, except the spout, are cut in two copies.

  • We sew details, turn them out and fill them with filler, sewing holes through which the holofiber was pushed.

Bicuspid cat tilde-2

  • Our cat has a small nose that can besew, just by pulling the edges of a circle of red cloth, putting a piece of filler inside. Immediately, we sew our eyes, pull off the ears and a black strip between the cheeks. Sewing your nose to the head of the cat, do not forget to put a fluffy mustache under it.

Twinned cat tilde-3

  • We sew the head to the torso of the cat right between the tail and the paws.

Bicuspid cat tilda-4

  • The master class is finished, the two-lapped cat is ready.

Bicuspid cat tilda-5

Cat riser

This black-and-white toil cat will carryservice, to stand to death, not allowing to close or open the door, if you put inside not only light sintepon or foam rubber, but also a little heavy filler in its lower part (a bag of sand, pebbles, etc.). The first pattern is given for the front and back of the cat, the bottom of the post and tail. The second shows how to cut out the white breast, ears, tail tip and black muzzle.

  • From fleece or felt cut out all the details of the toy.
  • Sew its tip to the tail, and then tail itself to the back.
  • Sew on the front of the cat breast, muzzle and ears. Embroider a mustache, nose and curlicues, sew a button-eye.
  • Fold the two halves of the cat inside out, sew them, not forgetting to tuck inside the ears.
  • Turn out and fill with filler.
  • Sew a circle-bottom, on which our tilde riser will stand confidently, having preliminarily put a circle of dense cardboard inside.
  • Cat stand-3

    Cat with fish

    If you do not give him a prickly skeleton in the clutches,cut from a plastic bottle, this fat glutton can quite serve in the house as a sofa cushion. In any case, the pattern is given not for a herring, but for a small heart. Which cat can also keep in the clutches. Cat with fishAll manufacturing technology of this carrierhappiness and well-being of the family is exactly the same as in all previous versions, with the only difference. At the very end, filling the body of a fat man, resembling a bag with a neck below, filler, pull the edges of the "bag" and sew. Cat with fish-2If, not to sew, and tuck the edges and pass the tightening string, the fat man can become an excellent place for zanachek and "secretaries." See similar master classes: