Tilda coffee fairy, pattern, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda coffee fairy, pattern, master class / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: Tatiana Pligina Various hand-made little things help us make our home cozier and more beautiful. And if you are a master of high level, then with gifts for the holidays for friends and family there are no problems. I propose to sew a beautiful and useful coffee fairy Tilda. Pattern take the most simple - Mrs. Pepperpot. A little change it and get a bag for storing coffee beans. Coffee fairy Tilda is in different variations. And there are plenty of master classes for its manufacture. Our good because it is both a decor and packaging for the gift and storage of coffee.

Step-by-step master class

Master class with step-by-step photos and a little patience - everything you need to make Tilda a coffee fairy. Materials:

  • pattern;
  • 2 pieces of cloth for the body and bag 25x25 cm;
  • 2 pieces of fabric for a dress 25x25 cm;
  • 2 pieces of cloth for the wings 25x10 cm;
  • braid for eyelets;
  • thread for hairstyle;
  • sewing threads;
  • filler (holofayber);
  • scissors for tailoring.

Tilda coffee fairyFor such a Tilda fairy, it's better to choose a cloth inwarm, milky-coffee tones. Then the smell of natural coffee and the color scheme of the pupa will be harmoniously combined. Pattern without allowances for seams. The body and bag for storing coffee will be sewn from one fabric. Croite details in accordance with the share thread. Consider its location so that the pupa does not warp. Tilda coffee fairy-2Cut off the cut for the body in half and circle the bodyand pens. Cut it is not necessary. First, sew the parts. Take into account that below there will be a kulisk for tightening the bag. The sewing line is marked on a paper pattern. From this feature and to it on the other hand, the details need to be sewn. The lower part is not sewn. Cut out all the details. Twist the body and pens. Tilda coffee fairy-3 Tilda coffee fairy-4 Tilda coffee fairy-5At the kuliska make notches on the width of the side seam. Throw in small pieces that are not stitched on the sides. Turn it twice and staple it. Also make and with the second half. To be convenient to tighten, the kuliska should look out of the bag. Holes for taping are obtained from both sides. Tape to wear at the very end, so that the ropes do not interfere with the process. Tilda coffee fairy-6 Tilda coffee fairy-7If the fabric strongly wrinkles, steal. Mark the line along which the body from the pouch will be separated. In the needle thread the thread in two or three folds. Walk along the line of separation by stitching the needle forward in a circle. At the ends of the thread, make knots so that it does not jump out. You do not need to fix the thread yet. The upper part above the dividing line (body) is filled with holofiber. Pull the thread tightly. Well, tie it up so that it does not untwine during the exploitation of the fairy. Cut off your excess ends. Tilda coffee fairy-8 Tilda coffee fairy-9 Tilda coffee fairy-101Handles twist, fill with holofayber andcover the hole with a hidden seam. Gently sew them to the calf. The hanging loop can be sewn at this stage by placing it on the back of the neck. Or do later on the wings. Tilda coffee fairy-10 Tilda coffee fairy-11 Tilda coffee fairy-12Cut out the details of the dress and collar. At the dress, tuck the armhole, the neck and the bottom, sew. Then only it is possible to connect the side seams. Turn out and iron. Put on the Tilde and tighten the neck with a thread. Use a hidden seam to secure the dress around the neck. Tilda coffee fairy-13 kofejnaya-tilda-14Collar stitched, unscrew, iron. The area for eversion is closed with a hidden seam. Sew it to the doll. Tilda coffee fairy-15 Tilda coffee fairy-16Sew the wings. If you have not done even a loop, then take a small button in a needle Thread the string of three or four additions and sew the flaps together with a loop to the calf. Note that the doll already has a dress. Spread it evenly. The loop should be under the wings, and the button on the wings. It is enough to skip a thread through all the elements, including the body, and tie it under the wings. All nodules are best fixed with a droplet of PVA. Tilda coffee fairy-17Draw a little face traditional for Tilda. Hairstyle can be assembled from strings for knitting. Gently sew on the parting line and fasten on the sides. Tilda coffee fairy-18 Tilda coffee fairy-19 Tilda coffee fairy-20It remains to put the braid in the kuliska.Pozhite coffee beans in a bag or inside the bag, tighten the hole. Flip the fairy, spread the dress. Tilda coffee fairy-21Tilda coffee fairy is ready. You can give a lover coffee or leave as a kitchen decor. Tilda coffee fairy-22According to this master class will not only coffee fairy Tilda. Peppercorns, cloves buds, lavender seeds, - you can hide any ingredients inside.