Tilda mouse pattern and master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda mouse pattern and master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: Splinter "Are you still afraid of mice? - Then we go to you". This master-class is prepared especially for those who are afraid of these cute and funny little animals.

Mouse tilde. Master Class

mouse tilda-22For mousing in the style of a tilde we need the following materials:

  • gray cloth for calf (flax, coarse calico, dvunitka);
  • yellow bike for clothes;
  • narrow lace or braid;
  • filler (holofayber, sintepuh);
  • acrylic paint, rouge;
  • Thread of a moulin;
  • pattern.

Operating procedure

  • Pattern print or copy from the screen. The fabric for the trunk is folded into two pieces and punctured with pins. We transfer the pattern to the fabric.
  • The contour is sewn (manually or on a sewing machine). In the hands and feet we make incisions, marked on the pattern with a cross. We turn out the blanks and fill it with sinters.
  • The incisions are sewed (zashtopyvayem). Sew our arms and legs to the body through, using the so-called button fastening. The slot in the head is also sewn up, with a hidden seam.
  • We prick our ears with pins in the right place. Sew our ears to the head with a hidden seam. We do not hurry to sew our head to the body, first we sew a golfcloth and panties for our mouse.
  • On the bike we transfer the patterns of clothing. We cut out taking into account allowances for seams. On the bottom edge of the blouse and shorts sew the lace with a zigzag stitch.
  • The shorts are sewn on the inside seams and unfolded, the seam is ironed. Pins with internal pins. Stitch on the machine, taking out the pins as you sew.
  • Golfing is sewn along the lateral seams, the neck is not pierced. We turn the workpiece to the front and sew the top. Thus, with a lapel, we will not see a seam.
  • We put a golf mouse on the mouse and only nowwe sew the head. If you have a fabric for blouse knitted and stretches well, you can leave the order of the traditional: first, build the tilde, then dress. The edge of the sleeves is turned inwards.
  • We put on shorts and we are adjusted under the size (we do a pair of folds). Sewing shorts to the torso. On top of shorts we sew our tail a tail and we tie a bow.
  • We embroider the nose with a thread of a floss. Eyes can also be embroidered, a French knot, or put a dot with a bamboo stick, dipping it into acrylic paint. Cheeks rumpled crushed pastel or ordinary cosmetic rouge.
  • Tilda-23 mouseThe master class came to an end, the tilde mouse is ready for a photo shoot. Look, is this mouse a terrible tilde? Rather sweet and a little shy.