Tilda witch master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Tilda witch master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Author: Tyler Witch or Birdwatch is one of the main Easter characters in the homeland of Tone Finnanger, Norway. Do not be surprised, she is at least a witch, but very kind. Moreover, according to the belief such a doll should protect the house from evil forces. Here is a Scandinavian paradox. tilde witchSew a tilde Witch by the same principle as the rest . Therefore, we represent a separate master classwe will not. We will review the ideas, patterns and the main points in the manufacture of tildes. The fabric used in the manufacture of the tilde must be only natural. For a basis traditionally use beige flax. In the choice of fabric for clothing, too, should adhere to the natural composition. But the color range can be very varied - from pastel tones to very bright and evocative colors. The buckle is easily sewn on a pattern from the master class published in the Easter magazine Tilda. In the same magazine is presented and the scheme of sewing dolls. The peculiarity of sewing all tildes is the combination of fabrics in such a way that the impression is created that the doll is dressed. Here and in this master class from the magazine, you first need to prepare a blank of two types of fabric and only then transfer to it a pattern of legs.

Witch Pattern

Hairstyle and hood for witch

Hairstyle witch can make the most simple, with dangling casually along the sides of the bell ringlets. Or, on the contrary, to give the puppet a festive look and to make neat bunches. tilde witchThe witch's cap deserves special attention. It does not hang, like, for example, a doll with a spittle, but takes a standing position. This effect can be achieved in several ways. The first and simplest is to fill it with a little sintepon, but then he will accept only this position. Therefore, it is better to make a hood on the frame or, alternatively, to starve the fabric well before transferring the pattern to it. tilde witch 5

Design details

In the hand of the doll is a small geese, alsoit is easy to sew on a pattern taken from the master class presented in the same magazine. The second hand of the witch is raised and closes his mouth, or rather, his absence. And it's unclear whether she grins, or, conversely, is embarrassed by her reputation. But in any case, it gives her a charming spontaneity. tilde witch tilde witch tilde witch