Belt of beads: wickerwork of the original accessory (video)

Belt of beads: wickerwork of the original accessory (video)


Belt of beads is a unique decoration,Which can give any girl a twist and personality. You can decorate this with a frame that is designed for weaving of beads. Each needlewoman can use the schemes and apply a little of her own imagination to create her own exclusive model.
But to make the belt of beads look beautifulIt is not enough to use a simple framework that is designed for weaving. It is best for the work to apply a framework of complex designs, where it is possible to produce beads of long length.

Necessary materials for making the belt

To perform a master class on beading, you need to take the following materials and tools:

  • Beads of amber color;
  • Beads of pistachio color;
  • Brown beads;
  • Beads of terracotta shades;
  • Beads of white color (preferably matte, because it will be beneficial to look at the photo);
  • Beads of pale pink shades;
  • Beads of light green colors;
  • Dark green beads;
  • Pistachio felling - about 50 grams;
  • Large faceted beads;
  • Connecting strips made of suede. It is desirable to use bands of dark green hues.

Features of creating a belt of beads

The master class below was speciallyIs selected in the tone of the color8 / gamma, from which the onyx suspension is created. Thus, needlewomen can make a beautiful composition, which will have a ready and completed look. Each needlewoman has the opportunity to add her own imagination and take for work beads of a different color, as well as shades.
Everything depends on personal preferences and opportunitiesNeedlewomen. Before you begin to work on the manufacture of the belt, you need to determine the approximate length of the future decoration. Each needlewoman can make such a belt with her own hands. For a model that resembles an ethnic style, we need to weave each individual element individually. After doing this stage of work, you can already begin to collect in a whole all the individual elements.

Technique of weaving a belt of beads

Beadwork will have to be made from cornersMotives. Running such work and technology with their own hands can even beginner needlewomen. Below is a simple and understandable technique for performing such a process:

  • Stringing the transverse strip straight to the straight knots;
  • The lower rows should be slightly shortened. To do this, beadwork is performed with a decrease in one cell. The length of the strip is calculated according to the preference of the needlewoman;
  • The angle on the strip will look symmetrical even without taking into account the shape of the bundle. Weaving should be carried out in longitudinal rows;
  • More experienced needlewomen give advice for beginners: if for work to take a small amount of angled beads, then the angle will be much better to keep its original shape;
  • The second row of weaving is done by adding two ligaments. They should be located opposite the lower corner beads;
  • Further weaving continues in a similar way.

Schemes for weaving belts from beads

Beginning needlewomen will be useful to watch a video lesson on weaving a belt of beads, where the technique of beading of such an accessory is shown in more detail and clearly.
Schemes help needlewomen not to get lost in the colors and directions of weaving beads. Belt from beads at all times is in great demand, because it looks modern and very beautiful.

Video: Shaving belt with beads and glass beads