Tips and tricks for creating stylish new-fangled New Year's hairstyles for long hair.

Tips and tricks for creating stylish new-fangled New Year's hairstyles for long hair.

Trendy Hairstyles for the New Year of Fierymonkeys 2016 There is not much time left until the New Year holidays. In addition to preparing gifts for all their loved ones and relatives, thoughts about a banquet or a home table, every fashionista must take care of her external image for the new year. Every New Year's celebration is inevitably associated with some updates, as we always want to receive changes in our life from the coming year. Actually, from the way we meet it, the new year promises us success or something else. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly for this holiday. And of no small importance on the eve of the meeting of the new year is your appearance, one of the main elements of which should be a modern bright, amazing New Year's hairdress for long hair. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №1 Since the rule of the ball on New Year's Eve and allThe next year promises the Red Fiery Monkey, then your image should correspond exactly to this playful animal. A monkey is a restless, sweet, energetic animal. It is precisely eccentricity, unusualness and bold decisions that must be imbued with your New Year attire, makeup and manicure, and your hair. In the colors of clothing and hair, fire red bright shades are welcomed. In this sense, all the red-haired beauties are surprisingly lucky. For those who have a different hair color and do not want to change it radically, you can use permanent means for staining. The modern market offers many gels, mousses, lacquers with a tinting effect. In this case, any sparkles, bright pebbles, rhinestones and shiny decorations will be more than appropriate.

The best fashionable hairstyles for long hair for New Year holidays

Hairstyles for long hair 2016, as alreadynoted above, should not be banal in any way. Even if you prefer ponytails or simple pigtails, you can beat them in such a way that they look in a completely new light and meet all the requirements of the Red Fiery Monkey. Apply as much fantasy and creative solutions as possible - and the monkey will be happy. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo # 2 New Year's hair for girls with bangsOriginal trendy hairstyles for the new 2016 year are possible in the form of Tresses. This option is suitable for representatives of the weak half of humanity of any age. It's about sexual bun. Even if you have never done hair cut with bangs, today you can use an overlay that matches the tone of your own hair. Carefully refer to the choice of this kind of product, so that it is suitable not only in shade, but also in shape to your face. There are several simple secrets about how to choose the right artificial bang. Note that a bang somewhat longer than the eyebrow level will accentuate the attention of others on your cheekbones and lips. A chalk above the eyebrows will draw more attention to your eyes. In the season of 2016, slanting and ragged bangs will also be very relevant, which will allow your image to become more playful and cocky. Trendy New Year's hair. Picture №3 The most relevant in the new 2016 will besuch hairstyles as bows of hair, shells, bunches, weave with French braids with the addition of bangs. On the following images you can see how you can draw such variants of New Year's hairstyles. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №4 Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №5 New Year's Hairstyle 2016 in retro style In 2016year returns to the fashion for any clothing in the style of the 20s of the last century. Together with her, hairstyles tend to return, characteristic of the same distant times. For the celebration of the new year it will be very appropriate to use the styling in this style. with quite possible options will be the high beginnings of the 30s of the last century and the "explosive" styling that we observed in the fashion of the 70's. in fact, the trend will be everything that was somehow fashionable in the past century. I want to note that weaving in the form of a braid around the head will also be relevant. The braids, spikelets and other weaving techniques in the form of a crown framing the head will look majestic, feminine, sensual and beautiful and will perfectly fit the festive events of the coming year. Weaving can be used around horse tails, all kinds of bundles, shells. In general, all kinds of weaving, their variety, alignment, cross-over will be fashionable and preferential. So all girls and women of older age who have a long head of hair, have millions of options to perform a chic amazing New Year's hair. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №6 Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №7 Hairstyles for the 2016th New Year with curls andCurls The benefits of curly hair this year are obvious. Tendencies to all kinds of waves, curls and curls in the winter of 2016 persist. As for the New Year's hair, the most fashionable, stylish and appropriate will be ruffled curls, carelessness of all kinds of curls, voluminous and not too wavy ringlets. You can arrange such curls in any way acceptable to you - all options are appropriate. The following photos will help you navigate with the choice of the necessary styling. Do not forget also that any accessories, especially brilliant ones, will be very useful this year. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №8 Trendy New Year's hair. Photo Number 9 Trendy New Year's hair. Picture №10 The most stylish Greek New Year's hairstyles in2016 If you are by nature very romantic, then for the new year you can add even more elegance and feminine refinement to your image, making a beautiful hairstyle in the Greek style. This subject has been striking for several years with its grace and incredible sexuality. And in the coming year, these trends persist. To the most actual hairstyles for today it is possible to carry such, as the Greek braids and tails, Greek knots, a hairdress of "Getera". There are also many accessories for hair, which can be very successfully decorated with hairstyles in Greek subjects. It's all sorts of hairpins with flowers, aprons, rims, bandages, ribbons, pearl threads and so on. In the following images you can see how incredibly seductive, feminine and romantic. And the Greek style is suitable for women in different age categories, as well as for young girls. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo Number 11 A little "abnormality" in the New Year's imagelovers of informal styles can be very happy this year, as the Fiery Monkey welcomes all kinds of "abnormality" in all its manifestations. First of all, the hair can be dyed in any unusual colors, especially bright ones. The trend will be red, brightly crimson, pink, blue, neon colors. Trendy New Year's hair. Photo number 12 Trendy New Year's hair. Photo №13 It is interesting that on New Year's Eve it will be appropriate to use various barrettes in the form of a banana, a tree branch or even an image of a monkey. Pleasure Fire monkey and decorations of red color.