Tips and advice for male representatives on hairstyles on short hair.

Tips and advice for male representatives on hairstyles on short hair.

The most current fashionable short haircuts formen of the winter season 2016 It is known that most modern men tend to short haircuts. It is very convenient, it does not take much time for styling. And some haircuts on short hair do not require any additional hair care activities, of course, not including washing your hair. Nevertheless, the seemingly meager choice of men's hairstyles for short hair, in the arsenal of modern professional hairdressers, stylists, there must be a huge number of options for creating incredibly stylish haircuts. And it is true. The current fashion offers many images for representatives of the strong half of humanity with any length of hair, including the shortest haircuts. In this publication we will try to present to your attention the most popular and at the same time relevant in the upcoming season winter 2016 hairstyles for short hair for men. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №1

Immortal classics in men's short hairstyles

The fashion for men's hairstyles has always beensufficiently diverse. If you do not go into the days of Ancient Egypt, where men, oddly enough, wore wigs or false strands, in the Middle Ages the fashion for artificial curls in men's hairstyles did not know the measures at all. And the higher the status of a man, the more chic his wig should have been. However, their own long and dense strands were also highly valued. About the length of hair in men's hair, we can judge by multiple portraits and photographs of our monarchs. The fact that most men wore long hair does not cause any doubt. However, already at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, men's haircuts began to drastically change their tendencies, turning into the shortest. Today, fashion in all its manifestations is so unpredictable and multifaceted that hair can be popular on long, medium and short hair. Here, as they say, every man chooses by his own will, exactly how he looks. We can see beautiful hair on short hair every day. More and more men are beginning to attach special attention to their appearance, which pleases many women. So, let's consider what haircuts on short hair have become in our time already just classic and remain relevant in this season. Hairstyle "Box" and "Poluboks" Perhaps, any visitor to hairdressing salons knows what "Box" or "Poluboks" is. As for the first version of the male haircut, it is characterized by shorter hair cutting. The line of the edging in this case passes somewhat above the nape. Naturally, hairdressers for the creation of such a male hairstyle use special machines with different lengths of nozzles. Sometimes even a razor is used. This hairstyle is suitable for many men. It is very convenient, practical and does not require any laying. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo # 2 At the present time, to "Poloboksam" add the presencebangs. That is, the occipital part of the hair, as well as the hair on the vertex, are cut short enough, but a bang is left ahead. Most often, with a classic version, such a bang is made not too long and catchy, in many cases laid on one side. This haircut is very relevant today. It fits the absolute majority of male representatives and does not require much time for styling. However, when choosing such a hairstyle with a bang, one should take into account the individual features of a person so as not to create disharmony. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Picture №3 "Tennis" Successful and business men can choosea haircut called "Tennis". This hairdo is different in that in some areas of the head hair length can vary depending on the wishes of the client. For example, the length to the top is larger, and the length is increasingly shortened to the occiput. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №4 "Bob" Among the classic men's hairstyles onshort hair is worth mentioning also about "Bob". This haircut involves several longer strands, which are shorter, starting from the area of ​​the base of the ears. Such haircuts are more suitable for lean guys with thick and thick hair. In the upcoming season of winter 2016, this hairstyle remains very relevant. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №5 Asymmetry in male haircuts on short hairToday, actual short haircuts for men can be asymmetric. Of course, this way they like to stand out from the crowd of a man of a younger age. Nevertheless, it is very, very appropriate in the current fashion season. Of course, in short haircuts, the asymmetry, first of all, consists in doing skewed bangs that fall on the face. Any form of asymmetry is welcome. Here we must proceed from the individual characteristics or preferences of a particular man. Look at the following pictures, as such haircuts can look like. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №6 The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №7 Also one of the very popular elements inThis season in short hairstyles for men are shaved whiskey. In this case, it is appropriate to perform different figures on the temples using a clipper. As an option, even temples are made at the temples. But, naturally, such elements do not suit everyone. Every man can choose a hairstyle for himself, using his life principles, his desires and aspirations. The most topical masculine hairstyles for short hair. Photo №8 Actually, in this article we presented to youthe most popular men's haircuts for short hair. However, there are a lot more male hairstyles. We all know that some men prefer to be sheared at all. And sometimes this option is very suitable for a man, giving him special charm and sexuality. Actually, it's up to you what kind of hair to wear to you.