Advice and advice to young ladies about what haircut to choose for a hike in training sessions.

Advice and advice to young ladies about what haircut to choose for a hike in training sessions.

We choose a hairstyle for attending training sessions. The best options for laying for school. In the morning before going to school, as a rule, all students do not have time to do their hair. If boys in this sense are much easier, then girls can not just comb and go to class. Little girls who attend primary classes, their own haircuts in many cases help parents make their own. But those who are older, have to learn to cope with this on their own. Therefore, in this publication, we will consider several options for modern day-to-day school hairstyles. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Photo №1

Ponytail for schoolgirls of any age

School hairstyles, in principle, should differaccuracy. Alternatively, you can perform one of the fastest hairstyles for long hair - the tail is reversed. It will take you two to five minutes to create it, and it looks pretty attractive. To do it, first comb the hair of an ordinary comb. Then tie a simple tail on the back of the head. The elastic band, with which you fixed the tail, pull a little along the strands. Make a hole in the bottom of the tail and extend the tail through it, as if turning it out. If desired, decorate your hair with a beautiful accessory in the form of a beautiful hair clip. You can also add to the general image of the bezel that will hold the hair in front. Look at the following images of how a similar hairstyle looks for every day, although you can use it for a holiday. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Photo # 2

Fashionable French scythes for pupils of schools

Hairstyles for school for teens, as well as forpupils of primary classes, can contain different weaves. And one of the actual variants of weaving this season is the so-called French braid. This styling will perfectly hold your hair and look pretty decent and even elegant. Similar technique of weaving is appropriate to use for festive occasions, but in everyday life the French plait is a good option for young women of fashion. Here is one of the variations of the performance of the French spit in a home setting:

  • Lightly dampen the hair with water.
  • Divide the hive of hair by a punch in the center or on the side.
  • Select a small strand on the left side of the temple.
  • Dividing the strand on the left in three parts, begin to weave the spikelets, into which only the lower strands are taken.
  • We continue to weave the French braid in the direction to the right temple and its end is grasped with an elastic band or satin ribbon.
  • Thus, you will get a very original and actual hairdo that looks decent and at the same time very romantic and natural. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Picture №3

    Twisted tails for schoolgirls

    Naturally, the fastest haircut in anysituation is an ordinary tail. Today, horse tailings are considered very fashionable, which, in principle, it is also appropriate to use to visit educational institutions. But let's look at how you can diversify simple tails by making your hair look fresher and more visible. So, we offer you a variation of the twisted tail.

  • Comb the hair with a scallop and moisten with a spray gun (or just wet it).
  • Tie up a shock of hair with an elastic band on the crown or back of your neck at your discretion.
  • Divide the main tail into three equal parts.
  • Each of these parts should be divided once more into two sections and twisted together in a spiral.
  • You will get tight, long flagella, which should be picked up at the end with elastic bands.
  • Of course, you can make one such harness orseveral, performing them in different parts of the head. Here, use your imagination and imagination. And the following image will help you to understand how this hairdo is performed. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Photo №4

    "Bugs" to school

    A great option for attending trainingclasses are so-called "pebbles" or, more simply, bundles, which can be performed in various ways, modifying their shape. We present you one interesting technique for performing beautiful gulets for the school.

  • Divide the entire mop of hair into the center or, for example, in a zigzag direction.
  • Approximately in the nape of the neck tie your hair in two ponytails.
  • Twist each of the tails in a spiral, creating strands.
  • Now these bundles need to be twisted around the rubber bands that hold the tails.
  • Over the created riffles again we put on the fixing elastic band or tape.
  • If there is a need or desire, we decorate the boulders with the help of bows, or the original pins.
  • Actually, talk about the options for weaving forschool hairstyles can be infinitely long. Practical all varieties of braids, spikelets, fish tails and their variations are suitable for school activities. Look at the pictures below, which weave you can use as school hairstyles for girls. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Photo №5

    Hairstyles for girls with short haircuts

    It is clear that not all girls wear long hair. Moreover, the fashionable season of 2015 assumed a lot of short haircuts. The coming season, winter 2016 also does not exclude the options for short squares, beans, cascades and pixies, which can successfully apply to themselves schoolgirls of senior classes. The original styling for attending school on short haircuts is not so difficult. Sometimes it is permissible to just brush your hair. But in some cases you still need styling. You can describe such stacking for a very long time, but remember one rule - you should always have at your fingertips laying tools. So it will be much easier to manage with disobedient strands and much faster to perform laying. In many cases, to create a beautiful styling on short hair, it is only necessary to put a little money on the hair and put them in the proper order. The following images will help you decide what type of styling to choose for attending training sessions. Modern school hairstyles for teenagers. Photo №6 So, we have considered the main options for creatingschool hairstyles. Choose, dear students, and let your hair does not interfere with your learning of new knowledge, but, on the contrary, helps you to stand out in the team with your beautiful stylish but diligent look.