Turtle from beads scheme for creating a three-dimensional figurine (video)

Turtle from beads scheme for creating a three-dimensional figurine (video)


Turtle from beads, the scheme of which is presented inThis master class is quite simple and easy to learn, even for beginners. This lesson will help you weave small trinkets with turtles. This toy can be made with the help of a circular or, as in the video lesson, a volumetric parallel weave.

How to make turtle from beads

To obtain such a figure, the following materials will be required:

  • Beads (4-5 colors of beads: any for your taste);
  • Fishing line and scissors.

Beadwork of shell

  • Scaffold work with a shell, with its underside;

  • You put four bronze beads on the wire - tie it up, fix the ends - you should get a cross (see the scheme of the bead turtle);
  • We continue: we take the needle to the nearest bead. Then, put on it 2 beads of red and again pass through the bronze bead, then pass through the next;
  • Next is the beadwork as follows: we dress 2 pieces. Red and on the above principle throughout the cross pass. As a result, you can make a larger cross;
  • Close the gaps between the beads - weave intoEmptiness for one more thing red with their own hands. String on a needle one piece, insert a needle into the nearest pair of beads of red color and again we put on one piece. and so on. In the 2nd row you have to leave 12 pcs. (See the scheme of beads turtle);
  • Third-row plait, we use the bronze color of the bead: to the next odd weave one more, and to the even one - 2 pieces. In the end, get 18 pcs. Beads (see diagrams);
  • We continue the 4th ryadochek, where there is a red bead. His plait on the principle of the third. As a result, you must get 27 pcs;

  • We are going the fifth weave with bronze beads. Since in the fourth - were - odd, it is necessary - at the beginning of the row, weave one piece and move, leaning on the circuits. You will have 40 beads;
  • We master the following ryadochek: It is already unnecessary to add. Just weave 4 pcs. Red and 1-in bronze. So do it yourself 8 times. The picture shows how the bronze beads divide the tortoise shell into 8 parts;
  • We tighten the shell: if in the previous rows there were 4 red beads in each part, then in these there will be 3;
  • In the 7th row you will have a bead in the following sequence: 3 red, bronze, 3 red and so on. Only 32 pieces;
  • 8th row - the same as the seventh. Above each bead is one of the same color;
  • Let's continue the master class of the 9th row: Reduce the number of beads: over 1st red bead - weave one, over 2nd and 3rd one more. So in the segments of the crafts there will be 2 pieces, and between them - on the 1st piece. Bronze color. The result - 24 beads;
  • The next stage: the figure is stuffed with a sintepon or other filler. Next, the needle passes through the last rows of beads and tighten;
  • 10th row: we get 16 bronze beads (see turtle from beads outline);
  • Further we add one piece over 2Red and above each bronze of the previous row (see photo). And to us every 2 beads of the past row you type on the 1st red. So it turns out 8 beads of red;
  • Finish the weave of the shell: on top of the red shawl on the 1st bronze. We pull everything together.
  • Weaving turtle head with beads

  • Pass the wire inside the shell to the topSelected segment of the 6th row. To 4 beads red weave on the 1st brown. So go down to the 5th ryadochek, where you also add 4 brown beads. Again, wear 4 pcs. Brown from below and as much from above;
  • Let's continue our master class: Dress purple beads - this is one eye. Next comes the second and third beads on the previous row, put on the 1st brown, and to the 4th one you weave the second eye (how to make a turtle from a bead see sketchka). Lower crafts bring the number of beads up to 3 pcs .;
  • The final row of the head should be 2Bead. Add one bead over the 1st bead, one above the 2nd and the third bead. So repeat the manipulations on the underside, once more we sew the series with a wire for beauty (see the scheme of beads turtle);
  • The head is the first segment. Paws - go to the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th;
  • Draw a line in the area of ​​the 2nd segment and 5 -In the row, you weave 3 brown beads. Then on them - 2 - m beside 2 more, in addition pass 2 rows of line for rigidity. Therefore, the principle of making the rest of all the paws;
  • Beading tail: on the 5th segment, type 2 beads in the 1st row and 1 pc. - in the 2-nd row. Fasten the line and hide the ends.
  • That's the whole lesson. As you can see everything is clear. Under the force for novice masters.

    Scheme of weaving turtle from beads

    Based on the following scheme, you will get a pretty turtle made of beads and stones

    Another variant of weaving can be viewed in a video clip with a master class.

    Video: Learn how to weave a turtle from beads