Uneasy drawing gouache figures will become available even for beginners, if you do this step by step

Uneasy drawing gouache figures will become available even for beginners, if you do this step by step

Drawing gouache figures is rather difficulta process that requires some skills. But, if you try hard, even the beginning artist will be able to cope with the task. Of course, to do this work, he will need more time and effort, as well as detailed instructions. You can find them and step-by-step photos in our article. The most common scene from everyday life can become the basis for the artist's work. It will take only his imagination and imagination, and, of course, the plot from real life. for this we take a photo. We will not depict everything that is on the photograph, exactly. We have the opportunity to change at our discretion the faces and figures captured on it by people, slightly change the overall composition. To get a real work of art, it is important to be able to see what is not allowed to see others and be able to transfer your vision to canvas or paper. In other words, any life situation depicted in a photo can become a masterpiece. We observe something like this. In this case, the artist turned an ordinary episode into a vivid picture, arranging the composition and correctly picking up colors and shades. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №1 The material was chosen gouache, the mostwidespread and universal kind of paints. Not only drawing gouache figures, but also other objects is very convenient. Such paints very quickly dry, with their help it is easy to achieve the necessary color shade. When working with gouache it is not difficult to get a harmonious mix of bright and muted tones in the picture. If we talk about a specific image that we offer you, then the artist took a photo, on which people sit on a bench in anticipation of transport. He chose those moments that are most suitable for him. Figures of two people were slightly moved to each other, and as the main background was chosen purple, slightly blurred. The artist chose a smear of applying a semi-dry gouache. The paint is only slightly diluted with water and applied using thick smears. Then it needs to be smeared and rubbed. Thus, we get a lively effect. To start drawing, we need to take tools and materials.

  • A tablet and a dense gray paper measuring forty-five centimeters by sixty-four centimeters.
  • Gouache of six colors: fiery red, sky blue, yellow, brown, Vandeyk, fuchsin and white.
  • Brush for decoration 38 mm.
  • Brushes - 13 mm flat and under number 4.
  • Pencil simple 1B.
  • Palette.
  • Water tank.

The first step At the very beginning of the work you need to dobackground. To do this, cover the paper with a wash of a mixture consisting of several colors of colors. To get a slightly muted tone of purple, you need to take magenta, give him a sky-blue paint, a small amount of yellow, as well as brown paints and, of course, white. To apply the resulting mixture to the paper, we need a 38 mm decorative brush. One must not forget that after the paint has dried, it will acquire a darker shade. Drawing gouache figures. Photo # 2 The second step In the second stage, we need to outlineThe figures of people and the contours of the bench on which they sit. We will use the HB pencil. Do not need to paint everything in detail, otherwise you will want to fill the resulting drawing with paints. It is enough to do this with lightly broken lines. Drawing gouache figures. Picture №3 Third step Let's start painting the outlines. We need a dark shade of gray. To get it, we mix three different colors - brown, blue and magenta. A brush, flat, 13 mm, we quickly trace the contours drawn earlier with the help of a pencil. The paint should be applied with a thin layer. Do not be discouraged if you suddenly made some inaccuracies while working on the drawing. In the future, when applying other layers of paint, they will be hidden, because gouache is not transparent. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №4 Fixing the posture To quickly fixnecessary pose of the figure, you can make a pencil sketch. First, with the application of light lines, it is necessary to note the location of individual parts of the body and their corners, in particular the shoulders, arms, hips, legs. In the same way we make a sketch of the head in the right position, we mean, turning it and tilting it. Do not forget that it is necessary to monitor the correspondence of the proportions of the individual parts of the figure with respect to each other. Based on the sketches drawn, we draw the general outlines of the whole figure as a whole. Fourth step We will continue to work on the image of the figures. Paint on paper should be applied with light strokes using a semi-dry brush. We should have ghostly, not clear figures. Be sure to pay attention while drawing on the corners. Those places of the drawing, where a warm tone of paint is provided, should be outlined by making slight brown and yellow strokes. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №5 Fifth step This step is to apply todrawing of dark shades of paint. In this particular case, we need it to color the cloak of the male figure and the dress of the female figure. We will paint these areas in a dark gray color, obtained in the same way as in the third stage. Do the smears, we will be a semi-dry paint and not necessarily a thick layer. Brush strokes need to be done broad. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №6 We have already decided, with a pose in which will bebe our figures, and also with what they will have proportions. Now correctly distribute the light and shadow. We will also apply paint layers to keep them semi-dry and thin enough. If we work on individual details of a figure, for example, by persons, then we draw them conditionally. Sixth step Drawing bodily shades. To get this tone, we'll make a mixture of yellow and fiery red paint, add a small amount of magenta and blue paint and all this a little dilute the whites. Using the brush number 4, we draw the palms of the hands, as well as the face of the male figure. The female figure will have a much paler face. To get the right shade, we add a small amount of yellow paint to the existing mixture and white. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №7 Seventh step We need to have an existing mixture,which we painted the previous details, add white. The resulting paint, we paint a book that is in the hands of a man and his shirt, as well as the light strips that are on the clothes of a woman. In the photo that we have chosen, all these details are white, but we will make the color soft, slightly muffled. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №8 How to make white shades harmoniousthe harmony of colors in the picture was not violated, pure white for the image of white color should be used only when it is necessary to depict very bright glare of light. In all other cases, they will be very much highlighted on the general background of our drawing, and, accordingly, violate its concept. To slightly muffle the white color, in white you will need to add a small part of the paint of some other shade. Thus, white color becomes soft. It will be well seen against the background of other colors, but not so much that it is too sharp to catch sight. Eighth step At this stage, we will look at drawing new details in the picture. Brown Vandeyevskuyu paint we need to dial on a brush 13 mm and light brush strokes to outline some details of the clothing elements of the figures, as well as horizontally placed crossbeams on which they sit. Now make a mixture consisting of magenta and white, where we add a brown tint and blue. Get a pink color, which will display the stripes on the clothes of a woman. Drawing gouache figures. Photo Number 9 Ninth step We need to make more profoundDark shades in the picture. We take a pink paint obtained by mixing in the previous stage of work, and we put a drop on the shirt of the man. We make a liquid wash out of brown, blue and magenta, and proceed to deepen the dark tones. The male figure is on the left side around the leg and shoulder, the female figure is around the dress. The crossbeams on the back of the bench are also painted with the received paint. Now we mix the sky-blue paint with magenta so that we get a purple dark gray shade. With this color we will write the folds that are on the woman's skirt. For this we need to take a brush No. 4. Drawing gouache figures. Picture №10 Tenth step We need to portray the face of a man. In the hair with the help of brown paint, we apply moderate tones. To display a light tone, we need a mixture of colors, which we applied in the sixth step. To display a dark tone, also take this mixture, but add to it magenta. Now we depict the dark and light planes, which are on the hands of the man and his face. To display shaded areas on the hands and face, we need to mix the colors to get a warm, warm shade. In this mixture should be a lot of paint is red. To display lighter glare on individual sections of the nose and eyebrows, we use a mixture of yellow dye and white. Drawing gouache figures. Photo Number 11 While creating a painting, a painter for selectingcontrasting shades, neutral and dark, took advantage of the red pencil, which caused vertical shading. It is thanks to this detail in the drawing appeared liveliness and immediacy. Eleventh step We pass to the image of the face of the female figure and her hair. For this we take the same color colors as in the previous case. We do not need to draw all the features of people in detail, because we do not represent any specific people. These are just two figures. Therefore, it is enough to make a conditional sketch of the mouth and eyes. On the lower part of the skirt we draw a few vertical strips, pointing to the knees bent at the knees. Drawing gouache figures. Photo number 12 The picture is almost finished. At this point, you may have an irresistible desire to add a few details. This should not be done, as they will rather destroy the impression of it, than make it better. The Twelfth Step We need to work on the image of the background of the picture. Mix the colors on the same principle as in the very beginning of the work, in the first step, just add a little more white. We should get a pale lilac-pink color. We paint the paint in the background with the help of wide strokes, made with a flat brush 13 mm wide. At the same time, in some places, the previous layer, made at the beginning, should be visible, and having a darker tone. We will get an interesting background texture. Drawing gouache figures. Photo №13 Thirteenth step Let's make a picture brighter andexpressive. People's faces we will soften a bit with the brush № 4. Now we mix a little yellow paint with a paint of fiery red color and by applying a small number of smears on the figures themselves we will add a contrast picture. Drawing gouache figures. Photo Number 14 Our work on creating the picture is completed.