Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough, is an interesting exciting activity

Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough, is an interesting exciting activity

Toys and crafts for the New Year, made fromsalted dough is one of the ways to make beautiful ornaments for a Christmas tree or a house, surprise presents together with all members of the family, including children who are so fond of tinkering with dough and various products. After all, fantasize, invent something, make it with your own hands - it's so interesting and easy, especially on the eve of New Year's holidays. Winter, in particular, the New Year is almost the best at times all year. This is a wonderful occasion to spend time with your family and friends again. With the onset of this wonderful holiday, we are all busy with pleasant troubles associated with decorating our own homes, installing a festive Christmas tree. In today's article, I want to tell you about how to create unusual and very beautiful New Year crafts from salted dough. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Photo №1 Everyone who has children knows perfectly well how theylove to help mom in the kitchen, especially when it comes to test. They like to knead and watch what happens. And they do not have to ask for different things too. Children are always there, where one of the adults does something, in their opinion very interesting and entertaining. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough will be an excellent solution to take the kids and introduce them to the preparation for the holiday. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Photo # 2 First, you need to prepare the material itself forcreativity. In our case, this is the dough. And, as for any test, we need a recipe that is very simple and accessible to everyone without exception. The recipe for salted dough for crafts In order for you to get a salted dough of the right consistency, you will need:

  • 2 cups of wheat flour;
  • 1 cup of edible salt;
  • 250 grams of normal running water.

Kneading the salted dough is very easy. I think that this lesson should not be difficult. It is necessary to mix the flour with salt, add a little water and knead it all, like a regular dough. Test readiness can be determined only with the help of their own hands. Note, if the dough breaks up or crumbles, then you need to add a little water. If, on the contrary, the dough strongly adheres to the hands, add a little flour, do not overdo it. In order to finally check the readiness, roll a small ball out of the dough. In it, in turn, make a pair of grooves with your finger. In the event that the ball retained the shape that you gave it, and it does not spread out in different directions, then the dough is ready. During the kneading test I recommend adding a little ordinary sunflower oil. It will take quite a bit. This component will make the work more comfortable and the dough will not dry up and will not be covered with a hard crust. The main thing is not to overdo it with butter. After all, if it is too much, the drying will last longer than usual, and the dough, just simply, quickly get dirty. Therefore, I advise you to take no more than one, at most, two spoons. After all the procedures, the dough can rightfully be considered ready. You can proceed directly to the modeling. Here, already use your imagination and mold everything that your heart desires. Believe me, it is your kids who will be able to give you a lot of ideas. Therefore, actively involve them in the creative process. I want to tell you about how to create New Year crafts and Christmas toys. I tried to pick up not only simple products, but also those that in the end turn out to be very beautiful. It is important to note that a huge part of New Year's and any other crafts is not only effective for experienced needlewomen, but also for kids. We already mentioned this a little higher. Imprints. In order to make one of the simplest handicrafts from this interesting material, you only need your pens. You need to type your hand or your child's hand on a dough mug. After the product dries, paint it in colored bright colors, matching each other. Alternatively, you can make such toys with the hands of all members of your family and even with the steps of your kids. Believe me, you will get very original ornaments that you will not find at anyone in the house. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Picture №3 A toy tree with fingerprints is veryan interesting souvenir. All prints should be painted in different colors. Between them you need to draw a thread, it's a garland. Now you can give this wonderful souvenir to your family and friends. It will be an excellent addition to the main gift. New Year's toys are asterisks. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Photo №4 Such toys can be dazzled, as from saltedtest, and from the usual. Just after the product dries, paint it with paint, sprinkling it with, for example, with dry sequins. Use for the work you can glitter the most different shades, which you will only find at home or in the store. If you already had experience working with decoupage, then safely use your skills. Thus, you can decorate your beautiful homemade Christmas toy with beautiful and interesting stories. Such kind of crafts for the New Year holidays can be decorated with absolutely any improvised means. For example, spices, beans, cereals, pasta, etc. Give vent to your imagination, and in the house you will certainly find something that you can make a decor. Very beautifully obtained snowflakes and any other figures from the salted dough. For them, there is absolutely no need for an abundance of colors, sequins and other decor elements. Finished product with a conventional marker. If you are not too lazy, and make such toys with a margin, you will get a real magical garland. You can hang it on the tree, and just indoors. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Photo №5 It is important to draw your attention to how to dryproduct. In order to make the dough hard, you have to wait two to three days. If you are not ready to wait that long, then you need to bake in an oven. Preheat the oven to the maximum temperature, as much as possible. Put on the baking sheet all the pieces you made earlier from the salted dough. After that, turn off the oven. Do not open it until it completely cools. Just as an option, you can bake figurines on a very small fire. The main thing is to carefully watch that nothing burns, but just dried up, hardened. I also want to tell you about how to paint finished products correctly. Of course, the best option is food colors. Most often they are used when making soap, add to cream for cakes and cakes. If you do not have such dyes at hand, you can use the most common colors. For example, watercolor, gouache and so on. At the moment when the dough is already painted, roll it with a rolling pin and cut out the desired figures. If you use paints, then first you need to bake the product, and only then paint it. Toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough. Photo №6 Be sure to follow the order of doing all the activities and you will get excellent surprises - toys and crafts for the New Year, made from salted dough.