Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations

Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations

New Year's holidays are very close and this newsundoubtedly, pleases everyone and everyone. That very atmospheric holiday, which leaves just thousands of vivid impressions and opportunities to enjoy, acquires a special meaning. After all, we can also create our own magic and give it to other people. Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations. Photo №1 For example, creating your own products fromvarious materials that are available to everyone. What does a person do for the new year? Of course, in the list of the most important tasks for the New Year holiday, strangely enough, falls decoration of the Christmas tree. We pass an infinite number of shops, buy toys, but many do not find what can become a special, individual and unique feature of your holiday. It is then that polymeric clay and its magical, flexible properties come to the rescue. The forest magic of the tree should be decorated only with such kind of products that can convey the whole atmosphere of the future holidays of Christmas and the New Year. Let's try to understand a fairly simple lesson, where we will have to use polymer clay and try out its modern properties. This article will tell you about the simple way of working and show how we can independently implement the entire version of our own toys, using the standard knowledge of polymer clay and work with hand-made articles. This lesson is perfect for children as an educational, entertaining and educational material. Materials for work So, what materials will we need to work on a future product:

  • A little polymer clay in the amount of 200-250 grams.
  • You should also take a rolling pin or a paste machine.
  • We take bulbs, they must be of two different types.
  • Different colors and their pigmentation
  • Paper from nazhdachki for equalization.
  • Various ornaments in the form of rhinestones
  • Brushes in two different sizes.
  • Gloves for polymer clay (a brooch, or a button, a cap from a handle, other elements)
  • The variant of screw fonts.
  • Clay "moment."
  • Needle
  • Mocking Knife
  • Bronze powder.
  • Organza tape.
  • Round-nosed pliers.
  • A mold for baking our product.
  • Braid.

Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations. Photo # 2 Let's get to work on the product. To do this, it is necessary to smash well and then roll out a product of polymer clay into a small layer measuring 20x15 centimeters, the thickness of such a product should reach 5 millimeters. Using a brush, we take the bronze powder and cover one side of the product with its material. Using the side on which the powder was placed, it is necessary to put sandpaper. Then, you need to roll the product to get the invoice. After, it is necessary to cover our product with food film and then distribute the forms for the liver on our plastic. Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations. Picture №3 Start our work Then, on the forms you need toforce to press. Using the film, we get the smoothed edges of our workpiece, and the work process will be simplified. After, the film needs to be removed. Then, using a knife (mock-up), we must clean up the edges, select the uneven elements that have remained from the film. Using the reverse side, we expose the required version of the logo. Such products are stored for a very long time and it is quite possible, a few generations will continue to store such a toy, which will become a true family tradition and an object of universal attention for the New Year and Christmas holidays. Then, you need to put a graphic drawing. For this, it is necessary to take our devices to match the pattern, to press them into the clay. Fantasy here can walk as it pleases. Using elements of brooches or buttons, you can make beautiful jewelry. Rhinestones will only complement your drawing. Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations. Photo №4 Creating an external decoration for a toyWe continue our work. It is necessary to apply pigments to express our toy with them. Then, using a needle, we make holes in the holes for the pins. Next, our product should be placed in the oven at a temperature of no more than 130 degrees and no less than 110. The ornaments should be placed in a special sleeve, which is designed for baking. After passing 20 minutes, the product must be reached. Next, you need to add ropes to our holes. Pins grease with glue, using round nose pliers, we have to screw them into the products. Now, the rope can be fixed. Toys-biscuits from polymer clay own hands - Christmas decorations. Photo №5 A toy can be placed anywhere on thefrying immediately after baking. You can make a whole variety of different variations of these toys. It's quite simple, at the same time - it does not create any problems for its owner. A very diverse approach to toys and other decorations can help you create your own set of interesting and unique crafts for the new year.