Toys for parrots by their own hands, swings, simulator, ladder / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Toys for parrots by their own hands, swings, simulator, ladder / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Of all the birds that live in captivity, perhaps the mostpositive parrots. For some reason, any other ptahu, looking at the world through the bars, is unbearably sorry and I want to let go. And the parrot rejoices in its cage, plays with a bell, swings on a swing and cheers up its masters, mimicking their speech. This is a very curious and playful creature. He loves everything bright, colorful and shiny. He can quite seriously take care of the porcelain teapot and be friends with the cat. To the life of your wavy and not very parrots was even more filled with joyful events, do periodically new toys by yourself.

Beautiful swings

It will take:

  • multicolored beads;
  • a metal bell;
  • ready swing.

How to make a beautiful swing

  • Choose multicolored beads. You can use buttons. Remove the swing and disconnect the wire at the top.

Beautiful swings

  • String the beads on the wire, not forgetting to leave between them a small gap, so that the parrot was interested in moving them.

Beautiful swing-2

  • Fasten the ends of the wire and hang the bell at the junction.

Beautiful swing-3

  • Hang a beautiful swing in a cage for wavy parrots.

Beautiful swing-4

Willow pokyrushki

Very useful toys from willow twigs can bedo for the parrots with their own hands, typing raw materials somewhere out of town on the banks of reservoirs. Before you start work, soak the willow branches in boiling water. This way you not only give the tree more flexibility, but also protect your parrots from infections and unnecessary microbes.

  • Weave the balls out of the branches and hang them withwire to the cell roof. Obtained original toys and the necessary pogryzushki. Birds not only sharpen their beaks on the tree, but also replenish the supply of useful vitamins.

Willow pokyrushki

  • You can go further and make from the willow sticks the original swings, attaching them with metal chains to the ball, and for completeness the feeling of hanging the bell.

Willow paws-2


For wavy parrots there is nothing more interesting thanclimb and go down all the stairs. And for their owners there is nothing easier than to make their own hands of a thin rope and wooden sticks such toys.

  • Slice several identical sticks. You can not use the branches of pear, bird cherry, poplar and oak in making toys for parrots.
  • Cut at the edges of the notch so that the rope loop does not slip. Sand the sticks.
  • Tie a ladder and hang it in a cage.
  • LesenkaIn the same way, you can make a swing or weave other toys from the rope.

    Training apparatus

    For this bird's fun, you need a small plastic bottle or a tube of paper towels and wooden sticks.

  • At the tube, seal the bottom.
  • Drill or pierce the side holes, so that the sticks fit tightly into them, not falling out and not scrolling.
  • Fill the container with washed and calcinated river sand.
  • Training apparatus

    Cell Design

    CDs CDsA cage for wavy parrots should be bright,shiny and modern. All these requirements are met by old CDs. They can be suspended if the volumes of the dwelling are allowed or fixed on the walls. In the second case, they will still save you from unnecessary cleaning, keeping the garbage inside. CD-disks-2Rattles What can be brighter and brighter than toys for the smallest people ?! Children grow quickly, and their rattles can be presented to a parrot. They are in all respects safe and interesting for smart birds. Rattles


    An excellent toy for a feathered pet canbecome normal ball for badminton. It is convenient because the parrot can easily carry it with its beak and cling to it with its paws. The ball can be suspended or simply thrown to the bottom of the cage. He will not remain without attention. Ball

    Best toy

    However, the most favorite gift for any parrotwill be a dummy bright bird. You can sew it with your own hands from multi-colored bright patches. Believe me, no flaws or shortcomings, the bird will not notice, she will simply cease to feel alone. Best toy